Monday, February 17, 2014

Welfare Gay and Stoned in America

Students of history understand very well, the future of a modern society where virtually anything goes. After conquering the modern world in the early 400s a.d., Romans enjoyed a level of wealth never known by any civilization in mankind's history. That wealth led to a sense of entitlement that ultimately destroyed them. Why should a person work if they can have everything they want without working? Why should a person care about politics? And why should a person commit to one spouse when it's perfectly acceptable to have sex with any man, woman, or child (or goat) that they want to?
Of course historians, Christians and anyone willing to think through the issue can see the folly in thinking like that, but most would prefer to ignore several inconvenient truths.
The truth that there is no free lunch. If you are getting a house and food for free, someone else is paying for it. The truth that if you ignore politics, politicians will take away your money and your freedom and will act in their own best interests, not yours.
The truth that immorality and self-gratification might satisfy your sexual desires and perversions but will destroy any hope for future generations.
The truth that if all our carnal desires are being met without consequence, we humans have very little motivation to concern ourselves with the needs of our fellow man.
Put your hand out and take the free money the politicians give you. Buy some drugs to numb your mind and remain unplugged from the inconvenient truths. Have sex with whomever you desire, whatever their age or gender. Don't worry about setting an example, the children will figure it out on their own and be happy and well educated and well-adjusted without good parenting.
The inconvenient truth is that the transition into a welfare state where immorality is called brave, where drug use is celebrated, where the power-hungry rule, and where self-gratification is the norm, is almost complete.
Mankind has been down this road several times before; never with a happy ending.

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