Friday, December 14, 2012

No Gun

Armed with a knife,  Min Yingjun, 36 slashed 22 children and one 85 year old woman at the gate of a primary school in central China's Henan Province this morning. 

I suspect this morning's shooting in Connecticut will cause people to forget that millions of people that weren't deranged didn't use the millions of guns available to them to kill innocents. I suspect there will be hysterical calls to ban guns anyway. I also suspect that there will not be a loud, outraged call to ban knives in China.

I can't even grasp the concept of the level of sickness that would prompt a person to kill their own mother then a room full of babies. I cannot even get close. I am sickened at the story. One thing I am certain of, though. A very sick person did this. Min Yingjun is evidence that someone that sick will use whatever tool is at his disposal to hurt others.

Mourn our babies. Don't use this tragedy as an excuse to play politics or object to our Constitution. I am crying for these children and their families.

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