Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Everyone Likes A Good Train-wreck

I have a dear old friend that gets a few sound bites tossed his way and he is off to the races, extolling the virtues of our gourd and savior, Barack Obama. Joe is also a train guy, that is, he loves his model trains. He doesn't quite understand them, but he loves them.

One day not too long ago, Joe took me out to his garage where he has a magnificent miniature city assembled, complete with a large working railroad. Getting into the production, he carefully placed an engine and several cars on the track, complete with caboose, then let it run for a few minutes before apparently fearing I was getting bored. (I wasn't - I think trains are cool too).
But oh how I love the words he uttered before eagerly setting another full train on the tracks. His words are often the precursor to something good. Or disastrous. Either way, he had my full attention. "Hey, watch this," Joe commanded.
Now, Joe is a nice enough guy but I just really don't think he fully understands electricity. Expecting one train to go around the track in the normal manner, namely engine first, and the other train to go around the track backwards would seem almost logical, provided the trains were told in advance that this was a one way track.
By now you've probably guessed it. Joe excitedly flipped the switch and yes-sirree Bob, Obama was elected President of the United States of America. Watching the train-wreck occur was entertaining in a way but it also made me wince because I know how much Joe loves his trains. What really got me going the other day, though, was when Joe, having watched the terrible destruction of the previous train-wreck, started painstakingly setting up his train on the tracks again.
When he got to the second locomotive and started aligning its wheels on the tracks, once again on a collision course with the first train, I had to leave. Poor Joe. I think he just doesn't get it. 

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