Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Thoughts From Far Away

I will try my hardest to be non-judgmental, open-minded (but with a God-based morality, always), and kind. That does Not mean I will allow anyone to say illogical or erroneous or misguided things without challenge. Ready, Go!

The King's job is to make things better. What has the King done to eliminate the dependent class in your land?

Has he decreased the number of families that cannot provide for themselves or has the number of people that rely on charity and other people's money increased?

Do you want the state to do something for you, to give you something that benefits you even if it means the state must steal from someone else?

If the King has simply taken more money from those who have earned it so it can be given to those who have not, then there has been no net improvement and the King is failing.

Voltaire: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. (Do you believe homosexuality is moral?)

When a society rejects God, it will increasingly look for someone else to save them. That "savior" often becomes the "king".

5 attributes that marked a decline of Rome at its end:
A growing love of show & luxury.
An obsession with sex, including homosexuality.
Freakishness in the arts, masquerading as originality & enthusiasms pretending to be creativity.
An increased desire to live off the state.

Laws are now in place that we must accept a "behavior" (homosexuality). Not a group of people (like blacks) but a "behavior". The state believes it has the authority to legislate morality now.

Mans self is a poor center of himself.
-Francis Bacon

In countries with strong central governments, the people with the power and money are the politicians instead of the businessmen. Are they benevolent and kind? Selfless and charitable? Or are they barbaric and power hungry? What direction do you believe your kingdom headed?