Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This WILL Affect You

Health Care Act aside, the real issue at this moment is Medicare. Medicare is the government provided health plan that most Americans rely on once they attain the age of 65 or become disabled. Medicare is a monolithic program that simply cannot maintain it's course. It will Not be sustainable much longer.

Rather than use it as a political sword, politicians on both sides of the aisle must either put politics aside and deal with this, or play their stupid games and watch as real people get hurt when the system collapses.

The following video (less than 5 minutes long) describes what Medicare looks like today, and presents a proposal to fix the problem. If you prefer, the text of the video can be found here.

Bill Clinton told Paul Ryan that he hopes Democrats don't use the win in NY-26 "as an excuse to do nothing" on Medicare.
Mr Clinton, with some passion, returned to the topic at the end of an hour long interview (read in it's entirety here). "I think the Democrats are going to have to be willing to give up, maybe, some short-term political gain by whipping up fears on some of these things - if it's a reasonable Social Security proposal, a reasonable Medicare proposal. We've got to deal with these things. You cannot have health care devour the economy."

If we are to have intelligent discussion on the subject, then all parties must be informed on the subject. Watch or read this, then let's chat.

Hat tip to Nat'l Review and The House Budget Committee.

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