Friday, February 25, 2011

King Obama and His Big Breeches

President Obama just unilaterally declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and instructed the Department of Justice not to defend the statute in court. Well, I'll be.

The funny thing about that, is that the President of the United States doesn't have the authority to decide what laws are constitutional or not. That is not a power afforded the Executive Branch.

On January 19th, the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, told reporters, ''We can't declare the law unconstitutional ... We ... have to represent the viewpoint of the defendant.'' Obama's flip flop on policy and sudden misunderstanding of the law in such a short time is more than a little scary.

He very much wants to be, wishes he were, wants to be King of America, but the President isn't a king. He doesn't get to make decrees. He is the chief executive with the responsibility to enforce existing laws - even laws he doesn't like.

Does anyone remember Obama calling himself a former constitutional professor? I think someone needs a remedial course in American constitutional law and to be reminded that no one, not even the President King is above the law. He does not have the authority, the permission of our constitution, to arbitrarily choose which laws his Administration will or will not enforce.

The legislative, executive, and judicial branches have their purposes and divisions of power that are very deliberate. The President and his Department of Justice have an obligation to defend every law unless the Supreme Court of the United States declares it unconstitutional. Obama doesn't get to make that determination.

A President is not a king who can unilaterally decide what our laws are, and Obama cannot choose which laws his Administration will and will not enforce. The rule of law must prevail and that might require you to find your voice. Don't run and hide like the Democrat flee-baggers of Wisconsin, shirking their responsibilities. This is real life and running and hiding won't make the bad stuff go away.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shame On You Wisconsin Teachers, Doctors, & Dem Politicians

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been an open book as a politician his entire career. He has never tried to disguise his stance on the issues, and it has been said many times that “unions have always been his piƱata”. Cheeseheads can hardly be taken by surprise by his stance on unions in general, or on public sector unions in particular.

Because of this stance, the voters of Wisconsin elected him Governor in 2010, with a 6%, 124,000+ vote margin. The electorate not only elected Walker, they endorsed his views that he has always made clear throughout his political career.

If Democrats want to oppose his views, that is their right, but it is downright sleazy to ditch the state senate, the capital, and the state, in order to try to frustrate the process. This behavior amounts to open defiance of the will of the voters. It seeks to frustrate government via temper tantrum. The private economy (America) has tightened their belts and many citizens are unemployed as a result. Public employees (existing to serve Americans) have not felt this level of economic downsizing and we are now seeing the result of an honest politician trying to do his part to ensure equality.

The teachers, following the bad example set by their elected officials, are striking by "sick out", fraudulently obtaining "sick notes" from doctors committing malpractice. Where is Ronald Reagan or any other strong President when you need him? The cheating teachers, the criminal doctors, the sleazy politicians gaming the system, should all be fired and replaced by people who want the jobs.

"But we'll never find enough qualified air traffic controllers to fill those important seats!"

Trust me, there are plenty of qualified teachers, doctors, and politicians to replace those that put their own well-being before their responsibilities. If Wisconsin's voters said ""no", then the answer is ""no". Make your voice heard and vote again next time. This is America. The systems are in place to do it without cheating.