Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unexpected Muslim Response OR Buh Bye From A Bad Catholic

If you read my previous post, "Fear of Islam", then you know I have come across vast oceans to come to the place where I don't condemn all Muslims for being savages and murderers, all bad, all the time. I gave Islam a chance to talk to me. Some good Muslim folks. Peace loving people. People with normal lives just like you and me. Interesting and fun to spend time with. BUT.

I made the mistake of thinking that the ultra-liberal Catholic wife of the son had a sense of humor, that she had developed a little thicker skin because of the challenges faced by a Catholic married to a Muslim. I was wrong unfortunately, that she could not recognize when progress was being made for her own cause, that sometimes handling a serious subject with levity helps cooler heads prevail, keeps the hotheads in the game. Apparently, when someone takes themselves a little too seriously, real learning and real growth and real advancement of tolerance takes a back seat.

Catholic Wife evidently read this blog and rather than see it as a significant step toward understanding, instead fired off this short missive:
"Ward, I am sorry that you continue to feel and think the way that you do......Catholic Wife"

My response was intended to be gracious, apologetic, and to convey what I had learned and what I wanted further clarification on. Those of you who know me, know I would no more put down another person than stab myself in the foot with a fork, but alas, Catholic Wife does not know me. My response and sincere apology were clearly not good enough. CW's surprising response was:

"Ward, If we are to take on the ever so precious and great responsibility of informing others about things such as this, then I feel it should be done with sacredness, respect and honesty. Not as a comedic outlet. People are dying all over the world over these religious issues, misunderstandings and ignorance. On so many levels your postings and blog were disrespectful. I would have only hoped you would use your gift of writing and communication for good. Please do not contact me again. I wish you all the best. CW"

"People are dying all over the world over these religious issues..."

I really wish CW hadn't slammed the door so hard because I would have loved to have asked her why she thinks Muslims are killing people all over the world and why I shouldn't think that is a problem that deserves a good hard look and an honest answer. Because the door was slammed shut, I must assume that peaceful, loving Muslims here in my tiny corner of the world simply have no answer to the problem created by their less educated, murdering brethren and when asked the hard questions, their answer is to bury their head in the snow and hide, claiming that they were offended.

Poor politically correct debutante. So sensitive. I know I am burying that fork all the way up to the handle in my foot, but too bad. I am a little miffed that someone would initiate dialogue, then cut it off because she was offended? Puhlease. Is there any wonder in the world why people are still out there killing each other over stupid things? Even the teachers are ignorant.

My educated friends realize that by calling local Muslims, "bad Muslims" that I am actually speaking from the vantage point of radical Muslims and that my true meaning is that they are the kind of Muslim we would embrace in our community. I refuse to dumb down my writing. I will not do it. If someone of the Islamic (or Catholic) faith reads that and misunderstands and thinks that it is an insult, then they simply misunderstand and don't gain the benefit of the compliment.

"Please do not contact me again."

When the going gets tough, some just run away and feel righteous and end productive dialogue. Yes, dear, save it for people that already agree with you. Those who need to be shown are a much tougher audience, one that you appear unready to handle. A shame. I was interested to learn. Oh, I will still learn, am always learning, even learning from you at this moment. (You haven't helped your cause this day.)

The mischievous and secular side of me couldn't help but look a little harder at the thin skinned CW and realized that she isn't even a good Catholic! LOL! The Bible is clear about several things, young lady, and some of the causes you support are clearly supporting behavior that is an abomination in the eyes of God. Catholic or Muslim. For those of you in the nosebleed section, this is not an instance of me calling someone a bad Catholic, really meaning good Catholic. I wish you all the best, Bubbles.

Who am I kidding. No I don't. Bubbles, you played this one wrong. You had an opportunity to do some good but instead you chose to play the victim. I hope you continue to learn as you get older. I can tell you are still very young. Have a marvelous day. :-)

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  1. OK, I'm going to "wade"-in so it appears like someone is actually reading your blog. I'll call my remarks "the good, the bad, and the ugly" (whistling sound in background)

    The good: That you and Sharon felt it important to reach out and try to establish an understanding with a very misunderstood and extreme people group/religion. And that you attempted to provide or gain clarity to answers most of us have about this religion.

    The bad: Even after Sharon came home and we discussed what happened at lunch, i was left with more questions than answers. The Imam's answers were evasive and sidestepped the issues as we all understand them. his answers on Sharia law, regional interpretation of Sharia law, and other tenents of their religion simply didn't hold water. Additionally, the idea that the son of the Imam has a Catholic wife (as he remains Muslim) is more than curious. As Sharon and I talked, my hope was that through future meetings, we would get past the superficial answers and get to deeper understanding. Finally, I am still left with the overriding premise that Muslims act, and do, what they do in the name of their religion -good or bad. Protestants/Christians don't typically do what they do (bad) because of their religion. e.g., an extremist muslim blows up a crowd in the name of Allah, a Priest doesn't abuse an alter boy in the name of God.

    The ugly: the ugly comes after the fact. The ceasing of dialog is now the ugly part. In your first post Ward, It appeared to me you may have singled out the CW as the brunt of your frustration at not getting better answers from the Imam and son, and minimized her with humor instead of impeaching the source of the frustration. Her response was predictable and unfortunate. Her failure to realize this is equally ugly and has now led to a closed door. I would hope that further dialog opens again.

    A final thought:(warbling whistling begins again) Ward (and Sharon) did the right thing on so many levels by accepting a simple invitation to lunch and trying to seek understanding to questions we all have on what many of us feel is a dangerous and extreme people group. The lack of answers offers insight, but not understanding, and fuels further research and clarity on these issues. Ward is a fearless ambassador and deserves thanks for his witness, humor, and candor as he/we seek these answers. I hope the door can reopen and further dialog can take place. I for one, am anxiously waiting for Ward vs.Islam part two.