Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow. November, Huh?

I wonder if anybody ever pops on over here to see if the gnomes have left new offerings? Ward gamely carried on for a while, but his annual October madness struck and he was otherwise engaged until the wee, small hours every night. I just abandoned ship with no excuse other than that of being unable to form coherent thoughts. Yes, yes, I know that this does not usually stop me, but there you have it. I'm back and think that I will stick around, so if anyone reads this thing (and even if no one does), I shall muse here from time to time.

The election just passed was a good one, yes? Any disappointment or sense of letdown was only because our expectations were too high (The Onion ran an article that said something like, "Democrats poised to lose 19,000 seats in upcoming election"). A year ago the numbers that we saw last Tuesday would have made me weep for joy. And so, I am relentless in my determination to be completely positive about the results. You don't win them all -- you just don't -- and so we shall have to rejoice at our pick ups and examine our losses to see how we can do better next time and march forward to get the work done that the election has laid before us.

Mostly, of course, we will be focused on January. There is this ridiculous lame duck session coming upon us, but I don't think anyone will have the stomach to do anything too dreadful, so I am not really worried. I am excited about a Speaker Boehner and cautiously optimistic, while trying to remain realistic. I want to see votes on Obamacare and if they are vetoed, I want them to starve the damn beast where they can. I want someone -- an adult, I hope -- to start paying attention to what we are handing over to Turkey, which is looking more Muslim and radical by the hour. I want a coherent Iran policy (which must come from the executive, I know, but Congress can holler about it). I want a sound fiscal policy to allow businesses to operate in an environment of certainty (with regard to government policies). I want a return to environmental sanity (I am going to stock up on incandescent bulbs in case sanity does not return quickly enough). I want statesmen who will grab the third rail and not let go until we have made the necessary adjustments to Social Security. The American people consider Israel a significant ally and I'd like the government to start acting like it again.

I know it's a lot -- too much, maybe. I'll be happy with just a few of these things (the fiscal policy and Obamacare, I guess). What do you want?

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