Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama Owes Me Fungicide and To Stop Fibbing

It boggles my mind, the frequency with which our president, Barack Hussein Obama, blatantly lies and tries to blame others for his, and the Democrats' failures. My mother taught me at a very young age to cover my mouth before passing gas. She also taught me to take responsibility for my actions and if necessary, those of my team. Sometimes her advice was good, sometimes not so much. Mr BHO would do well to heed my mothers advice. By not doing so, he appears to be an odious liar.

Obama's official website is misleading from the very first sentence. I simply cannot abide a liar. It begins, "President Obama inherited a terrible mess: a $1.3 trillion deficit, two wars, rising unemployment and unprecedented crises in our banking system."

This infuriates me. Mr Obama, your party created, then continuously championed Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC). These programs were vigorously defended by Democrats through the Bush years despite calls for investigation and rehabilitation. What these programs did was to REQUIRE banks to make mortgage loans to people that had no business receiving loans for any reason due to their inability to repay. Obama's actions upon taking office escalated the deficit exponentially and seriously worsened the problem.

These bad loans that the banks knew were bad, were repackaged and sold off as derivatives because they were terrible liabilities to the lending banks. When the loans (surprise!) defaulted, the unlucky sap who purchased the derivatives (often-times hedge funds and individual investors), lost all their money. The banks whose names were on the loans were also on the hook for the default. Despite long loud cries from the banking community, Democrat backed FNMA and FHLMC continued to force banks to issue bad loans. That's like brushing your teeth with Preparation H! What were these people thinking?

When the banking crisis unfolded, there was great gnashing of teeth and wailing in the night. When all the resulting foreclosures caused a housing market crash, the moaning and wailing reached a crescendo. The financial turmoil that followed, the great recession, the loss of jobs, and all the other Democrat created disasters, were indeed inherited by Barack Obama.

His response was to further the financial disaster by spending Hundreds of Billions of dollars of taxpayer money on frequently dubious projects and "job creation" programs that have not created private sector jobs. The only jobs created so far during this time of financial hardship have been the 250,000 plus government jobs that add zero dollars to the economy but require more taxpayer money to pay for. Meanwhile, unemployment has risen to almost 10%.

Obama promised "shovel ready" jobs when he spent $800,000,000,000 of our money. Where are they? Why is unemployment at record highs? Now Obama is trying to pass another $50,000,000,000 of unfunded spending, ostensibly for more jobs (remember all the jobs that failed to appear last time?) The fungus between my toes is growing thick as peat as I sit, unemployed, waiting for one of these magical jobs to appear and offer me free fungicide.

Again, from Obama's website:
President Obama signed legislation to jump start our economy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, less than a month after his inauguration. The plan will save or create 3.5 million new jobs, make critical investments in our infrastructure and give 95 percent of working Americans a tax cut.

Uh, right. Where are the jobs, Barry? Where are the investments in our infrastructure? And where are our tax cuts? The last I heard, we are about to have the largest tax increase in history.

Barry Obama had the audacity to say, "Republicans are betting that between now and the Nov. 2 elections, Americans will forget the Republican economic policies that led to the recession." This at a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee.

This revisionism, the blatant untruths, the intentional misrepresentations should be a slap to the face of every American. For this man to have the arrogance to think we are so stupid as to accept his words as truth when we clearly know better, is beyond my comprehension. The few that still approve of Mr Obama are either not paying attention at all, or are approving of him strictly based on his race, or they are just not that bright. Those are the only conclusions I can come to. If you are reading this and approve of Obama and consider yourself intelligent, I suggest you research these things yourself.

For the rest of you, VOTE on November 2nd. Take back Congress and repeal these ridiculous policies that are holding our great nation in financial disarray. Stop this runaway spending and this soaking of the job providers in the hopes of spreading their money to others through socialist programs.


...has anyone seen my Preparation H?

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