Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post-racial President My Giggy

Barack Hussein Obama was supposed to be our post-racial President. The guy that would show us that skin color doesn't matter. I think that perhaps he has turned a corner and is now rushing our nation headlong into a period of racial disharmony that will take decades to undo.

By imposing unpopular and draconian social programs on America and exhibiting a fiscal irresponsibility unheard of by a national leader, Obama has not exactly endeared himself to the American psyche.

He had the Justice Department dismiss the case of voter intimidation against The New Black Panthers despite their outrageous behavior caught on tape And despite the fact that they had already been found guilty. What non-racial motivation could there possibly have been for this dismissal? This case was described as the most blatant case of voter intimidation ever caught on tape.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an organization whose name screams racism, is crying racism every time a leaf blows by. The NAACP released a video allegedly showing racism within the Tea Party movement. They omitted the part of the video that shows the offending person being ousted from the rally by true Tea Party members.

Obama's expansion of social programs at the expense of working America is also likely to cause further tension as more and more of our paychecks are diverted to those permanently on the dole, generation after generation. The elimination of this class should be a priority but has not even been addressed.

Anyone who opposes Obama or his policies is automatically labeled racist. This abuse of the race card is inflammatory and will escalate racial tension. As Obama scrambles to preserve Democratic votes for the November elections, he is turning to the Hispanic and black votes and abandoning the white liberal left. He seems to think that the Hispanic and black vote are all he needs. Well go for it Mr Obama. Just beware the consequences of igniting a race war. It will be very ugly.

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