Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I find it interesting that my computer is smart enough to know that it is in Europe but stupid enough not to know that English is still my native tongue. I'm glad I remember a little Deutsch from when I served in Germany over half my life ago (and that I remembered that the link for a new post is in the upper right corner).

Since I've been gone, I've picked up little odds and ends that are interesting, at least to me. It has been said that Europe is still in love with Obama, but I am getting more mixed reviews. I certainly am not feeling the love. I think maybe the news just travels to remote regions more slowly.

I see the racist crap continues from the New African American Panthers and Mel Gibson. I also see BP may have slowed down the tarball creation that Barry is going to have a ridiculously hard time getting through his digestive system before November 2nd. I see that Obama is blaming Bush for George Steinbrenner's death. I see Obamacare is using my money to pay for abortions in Pennsylvania except in cases of sex selection abortion.

I see a lot of ugly still happening back there. Here, on the other hand, I have not heard a siren, have not seen a policeman since I left the airport, have not seen an ambulance, have not heard any racist comments, have had no tarballs wash up on my balcony, have not heard Bush blamed for a thing.

I do miss my motorcycle, I miss my work (isn't that odd?), and most importantly, I miss my people a lot. I decided not to do a lot of in depth research tonight because, well, I'm on vacation. I hope all is well in your specific square yard of the Earth. I'll talk to you some more when I get back. Until then, ring and run Sharon's house a few times just for giggles.


HAHA! If there are spelling errors, then you'll just have to deal with them. My computer thinks every word not shared with the mostly German speaking Swiss is spelled incorrectly. I am fairly certain I have never had a spell checker go this insane on me before.

Be well my friends!

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  1. An now it's apparently been revealed that Obummer is using our tax dollars to fund abortions in Kenya, his home country.
    I don't even know what to say. He's just evil!