Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Storm is McChrystal Clear

The lightning is flashing and the thunder is making it's raucous noise outside. I love a stormy night. The stormier the better. I think the One, the almighty Obama might be hoping for a bit less of a storm over the next few months, I don't think he has the constitution to withstand the sort of battering he is currently enduring and will continue to receive through November.

Poor Obama waited until months after the oil spill to even really acknowledge it, meanwhile waving it off and waving off offers from all over the globe to help. Waving off help that certainly would have prevented the spill from causing the damage it is already causing. BOOM! The thunder is constant!

The poor wretched soul was already feeling the heat from having crammed this horribly written health care legislation down our throats. Every day we find out more and more of the ramifications of this abomination that will leave seniors with far fewer choices and far inferior care. That is already happening. Poor Obama. CLACK! CLACK! The hail is banging off the siding, pounding the roof.

And now his top General, Stanley McChrystal, in Afghanistan went public, basically saying that Obama is disconnected and has no clue what he is doing. What? How could the top army guy say that about the Commander In Chief? Well, I think maybe that's what the consensus was, he agreed, and he said it aloud. WHOOOoooo! Now the tornado sirens are sounding! Quick! Everyone to Obama's office for a real old fashioned butt-chewing!

Will the poor maligned Chosen One fire the insolent little general that commands and has the loyalty of all of his troops in Afghanistan? Or will he send him back and stomp his feet and say that he dealt with the insubordinate general harshly, and harrumph harrumph, put him in his place? I'd love to see transparency at That meeting. Somehow I doubt Obamalama will have the courage to invite C-Span to this particular meeting.

One of two things will transpire. McChrystal will be very strong and tell Obama that he is sorry if he hurt his feelings but that there are serious deficiencies in our strategy in Afghanistan and that he's going to return to Afghanistan and win this damn war his way, OR

Obama is going to lash into McChrystal for about 5 seconds until he makes eye contact with him, then he's going to pee his pants in fear, stumble and wish he had a teleprompter. Then he'll puff up and fire McChrystal because he is the Chosen One, by golly, and no one talks to me that way! Then someone less competent will be put in charge and Afghanistan will end up with us withdrawing and hundreds of thousands of it's citizens being slaughtered as soon as our last plane takes off.

Unfortunately, it has already been leaked from the White House that Obama's top aide has been instructed to have a spare pair of underwear on hand for the meeting. The storm will rage on folks, every tree will be uprooted, every shred of quality infrastructure will have been yanked out by it's roots. Obama will stumble through but come November, it will be up to all of us to elect those that will set things right. It will be up to us to replace these destructive Obamatrons with real patriots, men and women who recognize the damage being done and who have the focus to fix it. It will be up to us to set this soggy non-starter in a corner and fix what he has broken in just two years.

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