Friday, June 4, 2010

Socialists Are Very Nice People

Socialists are very nice people. Really, they are. They are very Utopian in their ideology and they want everyone to have their porridge. This is admirable. This is deserving of our respect. Hug a socialist today. Then get back to the business of restoring our Republic because Socialism does not and cannot work long-term due to human nature and the financial laws of nature.

The socialists are wonderful warm fuzzy lovers of humanity. I get it! I love it! Now all you warm fuzzy people need to go to and watch funny and interesting videos because the rest of this post will be about why your warm fuzziness is meaningless and irrelevant and I don't want to hurt your feelings.

Let's look at Europe for a moment, shall we? They held themselves up as the ideal United States of Europe, the model of socialist success. The member states, with their 2 hour lunches and six weeks of vacation every year, everyone with their quaint little car and their quaint little apartment, living in the lap of luxury. They were the epitome of equality and acceptance and diversity (except for those annoying enclaves of Muslims that became huge and demanded homage and obedience to their values).

Everyone across Europe smiled and boasted of their wealth and good fortune as we foolish Americans toiled and worked hard and only some of us made it to the American Dream. But wait. I forgot something. What about Germany and Austria? They are European too, right? Germans and Austrians work hard and toil and strive for the American Dream too. Isn't this interesting.

Let me recap what I have written so far so that I can better understand. (Scary, huh?) Socialist Europe lives a life of luxury and ease, with all their needs met, mother government taking care of everything. Since government produces nothing and has no money, this life of luxury and ease is coming about due to redistribution of money created (earned) by others, right? Right. In Europe's case, much of this surplus is siphoned off producing nations such as Germany and Austria. Hmm.

As long as things are going well, the fat and lazy nations can coast by, producing some but not all of the money required to maintain their cushy lifestyles. Who wouldn't want that? The problem reveals itself when things don't go so well, when the economy turns down for a while. As the tide goes out, it is revealed who is swimming naked. Those who have been grudgingly paying for the excesses of the undeserving are no longer willing to do so. Why should they cut their grocery budget in half in order that the immodest swimmers might once again be mercifully hidden by the waters of socialism? (Have you ever seen a fat, naked, wrinkly, old European? Blech!)

This grand experiment had a good run. Many people liked it a lot. Of course they did! Unfortunately, as any frustrated spouse of a reckless spender can attest to, you simply cannot spend more than you make on a consistent basis. Once in a while stuff happens. But as a rule, spending LESS than you make is the only fiscally responsible policy.

I didn't even get into the human nature side of things did I? It almost seems redundant because the fiscal side of things kills the model all by itself. Because only Most of us humans are sheep, the human nature side of things kills the model too. The wolves swarm to politics and the sheep don't have a chance. Do wolves swarm? Regardless, "Have another bottle of wine, another loaf of bread, comrade. Go to the beach and be happy. I will take good care of you. hahahaha."

OK. You can let the warm fuzzy people back in the room now.

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