Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama Has No Clothes

It's hard to say what I despise the most about the Obama presidency. Right up near the top, though, has to be his conduct itself, his sense of history, his feel for the office of the presidency, and his sense of the importance of symbolism.

He does not seem to realize that even the little things he says and does matter. He seems oblivious to matters of diplomacy. He seems to love this country just because of the opportunities it has afforded him (contrasted with John McCain who loves this country "just because," as Jim Geraghty puts it).

I will offer a few examples, but it seems like not a week passes when I am not saddened by something he says and does.

He ran on a platform of communication: opening lines of dialog with countries we had previously attempted to isolate, like Syria and Iran. When asked just this week by Matt Lauer if he had talked with the president of BP he said, no, because he figured he'd just be lied to. And yesterday, in the wake of the new UN sanctions against Iran, Ahmadinejad called those sanctions as "useless as used tissues"; "annoying flies" that they will ignore as they continue to process uranium and work on attaining a nuclear weapon.

His administration gleefully reports that they will keep a "boot on the neck of BP" in order to solve this oil catastrophe (like BP isn't already motivated), but they will not bring themselves to say anything about the religion of the people who are trying to kill us (hint: it rhymes with "Kislam").

When the Polish president was killed in a plane crash and Obama was unable to attend the funeral because of the plume of ash from the Icelandic volcano, he went to play golf. I don't care if he plays golf, believe me--but the headlines in Europe read "Obama Skips Kaczynski's Funeral to Play Golf." Appearances matter in diplomacy.

One of the first things he did after taking office was to return the bust of Winston Churchill that was loaned to President Bush after 9/11. British officials offered to let Obama keep the bust, but his response was, "Thanks, but no thanks."

How many times has he insulted Israel while he has upped the amount of aid sent to the Palestinian Authority (which includes Hamas-controlled Gaza) to $400 million? Since he took office there have been 370 missiles fired into Israel from Gaza; the President's response is to reward them to the tune of $1,080,000 per missile.

This post is rambling and disjointed, but I feel disorganized and out of sorts. His "I want to know whose ass to kick" comment is just so...typical. Can you even imagine him kicking anybody's ass? I sure can't. He is impotent, but even worse -- he is incompetent. When he was running for office some of us pointed out that he hadn't DONE anything yet. "I'm running a great campaign," was his response. Yeah, well, how's that working out for us?

More later...


  1. This entry didn't strike me as disjointed at all. I would rate it as jointed. I also agree with everything you wrote (surprise). What you didn't mention, that I thought you might, based on the title, is his wardrobe.
    The President of the United States of America should wear a tie. He should not make speeches looking like he is hurrying out the door to make a tee time or to go have a beer at the corner pub.
    Wear a tie. You're not a farmer. Be dignified. At least Look like a leader.

  2. I didn't find it rambling or disjointed....quite the contrary. Sharing on FB and Twitter.

  3. Sharon, as usual, a well-written post. Concise and to the point. Thanks!