Thursday, June 17, 2010

If Any Oil Reaches Shore, Obama Has Failed

So we won't buy perfectly good boom material for the oil spill because BP's purchasing department feels it isn't of high enough quality. Right. And 16 oil sucking barges sit idle in Louisiana because the coast guard can't verify permits and the proper number of life jackets on board. Right. And three days into the disaster Obamalama turned down the Dutch offer to send us boom skimmer arms capable of sucking up 146,000 barrels of oil Per Day (more than is leaking) because they don't meet EPA standards because the water they pump back into the ocean still contains traces of oil. Right.

The boom material is manufactured by Packgen who has 80,000 feet of boom material ready to ship immediately. That is over fifteen miles of boom, which is in very short supply. The Coast Guard says that BP wouldn't buy it because it was substandard, without standard connectors on the ends. (The boom currently in the gulf does not have standard connectors).

Louisiana's governor, Bobby Jindal is furious that the Coast Guard idled sixteen oil sucking barges for over 24 hours. These barges are capable of sucking up thousands of gallons of oil per day but because there were not enough fire extinguishers and life vests aboard, they were ordered to cease and desist for over 24 hours.

And here's the kicker. Our fabulous leader, maker of promises of Hope and Change, was offered, just three days into the disaster in the Gulf, the use of four Dutch oil skimmers that could have reduced this disaster to one of very manageable proportions. Had Obama accepted the offer made 56 days ago, there would not be 50 plus miles of beaches covered in oil as of this writing.

Obama has failed. He failed when he crammed Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling America and he failed when faced with his first real crisis. Bullying BP and placing blame on prior administrations and on the companies subject to government oversight are not leadership. We don't need a leader to be a pointer. We have dogs that can handle that job. We do need a leader that can lead in times of crisis.

We need and want a leader that can implement a plan to mitigate, if not solve the problem at hand. The very first step is to implement a clear chain of command and allow those on the ground that are familiar with the situation to do their jobs without fear of reprisal by a band of politicians eager to elevate themselves by walking on the backs of the real workers.

The second step of a good leader would be for him to reassure us. To let us know that competent people are dealing with the problem and that everything will be OK. This BP bashing is not appropriate. BP goofed. They know it and we know it. BP is also probably the most qualified to fix the problem. It feels good to be a bully, to be a Chicago gangster, but it is not productive and it is not a display of good leadership to punch the kid in the mouth that spilled the milk.

President Obama, you have failed again. You receive an "F" in crisis management. What exactly Did you learn at Community Organizer school? President Obama, if you cannot lead, then step aside and let someone else more capable take over.

Spongebob, perhaps. At least he could soak up some of the oil.

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