Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bravo, Steve Jobs

Bravo, Steve Jobs. I have never been an Apple fan. I have never wanted an I-pad or an I-phone or an I-ball. I have silently mocked Apple users, except for those that edit movies because I have always perceived that that was the only advantage of a Mac. I have always had the perception that Steve Jobs was the Gates/Jobs teams less successful member.

Sure, Bill and Melinda Gates have started a foundation that gives them huge tax write-offs, not to mention puts extra money into schools that proceed to have no increase in performance. A very noble endeavor, but get this...

The I-phone blocks porn. Not just some pornography, all porn. App makers have to keep this in mind as they develop their programs. Jobs did this deliberately. If you think porn on your phone is a right, then buy a different phone. I have no idea what Mr Jobs politics are or if he is walking with the Lord. What I do know is that he has a moral streak a mile wide and he will not allow his light to be hidden under a bushel. OK, so maybe he wants schools to start using I-pads too. But this is right! We don't have to tolerate asshats telling us that graphic pornography is speech and therefor protected under the First Amendment. It's his company and he'll make whatever the heck kind of smut that he wants to, off limits.

In today's world, it is extremely rare to have the moxy to hold a moral value and to risk your fortune standing up for that moral value. I'm not sure I will rush out to buy an I-phone tomorrow but if I hear someone discussing it, I will certainly fill them in on "the rest of the story". Bravo, Steve Jobs.


  1. What is their standard for pornography I wonder? Only pictures? I think more graphic things have been written than photographed. What if I want to look at a picture of the Venus de Milo?

    Of course this has no free-speech issues what so ever. I don't mean to say it does. But...well I just have an intrinsic dislike of subjectivity. And I'm sure what qualifies for being blocked is rather arbitrary.

  2. We can start at "what is porn"... isn't this a personal judgment?

  3. Gregory, it doesn't matter what porn is to you. What matters is that it is HIS company and he can define his products any way he wants to. That is part of what makes this country great. If he says porn is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, then as far as I-phones go, that's porn. It's completely his call. Well, it's also your call. You have the total right Not to buy an I-phone.