Friday, May 28, 2010


Do you know about this? Each week you have the opportunity to vote on which of five potential government spending cuts you would most like to see. Eric Cantor (the Republican Whip) will work to bring the winning cuts to the House floor for a vote.

The left is poking fun at it, but I don't know--it wouldn't surprise me if this thing catches on. Are the cuts significant? No, not really. But, you know--cut a hundred million here, a hundred million there and pretty soon someone, somewhere might not have his taxes raised. And, of course, anything that irritates the left has some political value.

Speaking not of that--did you hear about the poll that shows that 84% of Massachusetts residents want tougher anti-illegal immigration laws? What's going on up there? First they elect a Republican to Ted Kennedy's old seat (oops--the people's seat) and now this? Has anyone checked the temperature in hell lately?

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  1. 68% of Americans oppose boycotting AZ. And 55% of Americans favor an AZ-type law for their own state

    Rasmussen Speaks