Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Are NOT Created Equal

We are NOT created equal. There are smart people, there are people that are not very smart, there are ambitious people and there are lazy people, there are leaders and there are followers. It has always been this way and it always will be this way. That is why socialism cannot work. If all people were drones with no hopes or desires, socialism might stand a chance. Fortunately for us, we are not all drones. We are individuals with different genetics and different upbringings, different morals and different views on the world.

If I am ambitious and have a vision of the future that includes me being successful, I am willing to do without things in order to achieve those goals, to spend all the time necessary, to make the financial sacrifices. I am willing to fail repeatedly until I get it right, despite all the bumps and bruises and humiliation along the way. When I finally succeed, I have righteously earned what I have at the end of the day. I can thank God for all the failures because they contributed to my learning and my eventual success.

If I am satisfied to work as little as possible and go home and sit on the couch and watch television and eat Ho Hos and get fat, then go to bed so I can do the same thing tomorrow, then I have the right to do that too but I do not expect much from life.

If I am a product of government dependence, I will work the system that is set out in front of me and think nothing less of myself. I will fill out the forms, tell the necessary lies and have the necessary children to fully work the system so that I can get just enough to scrape by at the poverty level my entire life. I will even teach my children how to do the same.

The lazy and the dependent will never lead. They will never achieve. They must become ambitious if they are to do so. Fortunately, ambition is not genetic. Anyone can be ambitious. Ambitious people always do better than those who are not. Ambitious people are annoyed by unambitious people that say to them that they are owed something by the ambitious. This annoyance is what prevents socialism from ever becoming an acceptable form of government to those ambitious people in a land that allows ambition to translate into success.

We are not created equal but we certainly all have the ability to be equal. When I speak to you face to face, I do not see a black man or a hispanic woman or an asian child. I see and interact with another person, a person who is ambitious, or dependent on the system, or lazy. I will help any of you in any way I can. I will befriend any of you that need a friend. I will motivate you to ambition if you ask and want it. I will introduce you to God, whether you ask or not. My ambition is for you to be ambitious. Are you satisfied with the life you lead?


  1. Hey Ward, I agree with all your points, but one. You miss the writers' intent in using "equal" in that famous first line of the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Jefferson and the rest meant to argue against the then prevalent European doctrine of "The Divine Right of Kings." In other words, persons not born to nobility had an equal right to govern as nobles did. When the phrase was used, it was immediately remarked that the idea of "equality" flew in the face of American slave ownership, in which Jefferson himself participated. There was no intent at the Philadelphia gathering of the Continental Congress to assert that individuals were identical in nature and therefore rights, but rather that human rights were a gift endowed to mankind by Creator/God and that God, being "no respecter of persons" or "God shows no partiality"(Rom 2:11, for example) as taught in Christian theology, had gifted the human race in equal measure.

    Certainly, mankind exhibits a diversity of gifts and talents, as well as effort level and attitude in developing these for the good of self and others. We see this every day in a free market society. Because we are wired this way, socialism cannot ever work well. Your Hansen post shows this very nicely.

    Communism/Socialism seeks to play on the idea of equality in the extreme. As Orwell wrote in "Animal Farm," the tactic used by the left is "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

  2. I, the writer, intended to merely play on the words of the founding fathers, not write based on its historical meaning. Reread it without the historical context of that phrase and you will get the full flavor of what I was trying to communicate. (Although I suspect you already know what I was trying to communicate.) :-)