Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama's CT Social Security Number

Any take on the Obama social security number noise?

What does it matter? That's the bottom line.
If someone tomorrow comes up with video showing Obama being born in a Kenyan hut, he will still be president.
I think this stuff hurts the right.
It turns off independents who think we're all wackos anyway. (Editor's note: Sharon IS wacko)
Before the election I was reading a column written by some really smart legal types...
and they said that finding someone to sue -- if he was, in fact, born out of the country -- would be tricky.
Who has standing to sue? One case was already thrown out of federal court because the judge ruled that the plaintiff had no legal standing to bring suit.
No one really does.
Maybe John McCain, but other than that...
and who wants Biden to be president anyway?
Plus, if you think the country is bitterly divided NOW -- just IMAGINE what it would be like if the fairly elected president would be kicked out of office by something like this (not that it would happen, but isn't that what birthers want?)
Personally, I'd be against it.

So -- that's what i think.

And I think it will make a wonderful blog entry.


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