Monday, May 3, 2010

Heads Are Spinning

OK, let me get this straight. Booboo doesn't want offshore drilling. An offshore drilling rig mysteriously blows up (have you noticed that frequently, you will see the word "mysteriously" used when something occurs under dubious circumstances?).

This particular rig had sophisticated warning systems to warn the crew in advance of an explosion or malfunction. Survivors say the warning system did not activate and that they were taken by surprise. This rig was also outfitted with devices to shut off the flow of oil should a disaster occur. These devices have failed to perform their job as well.

That last paragraph should make you raise an eyebrow. The fact that Booboo took eleven days to speedily jump to action on this disaster shouldn't surprise you at all. What I do find curious (or mysterious) is the fact that Booboo has now banned BP employees from taking part in the investigation, despite his announcement that BP will be footing the bill for the disaster.

Instead of allowing the people most familiar with the rig, and the people most likely to recognize what broke, what went wrong with the systems resulting in the presumed death of the eleven missing crew members, Booboo is inexplicably sending in a federal SWAT Team, Department of Justice employees, and Homeland Security personnel. Huh?

Let's recap. Booboo doesn't want off shore drilling. Drilling rig explodes without any of its alarms going off. Automatic shutoffs don't function so an environmental disaster ensues. The scientists and employees of the company that built the rig are banned while government personnel conduct the investigation.

I'm not a conspiracy guy but this situation is simply rife with potential for someone who is. Wow. I can almost see their heads spinning.


  1. *dislikes this blog post*

  2. I've read several articles and blogs/opinion pieces on this subject over the past couple of days...and I'm with ya....I am not usually into conspiracy theories....I really like to have the cold hard facts before I form an opinion on something...but something smells bad here...and I don't think Glade can fix it.

  3. I said it when people went on their 9-11 conspiracy theories.

    If any American thinks that the U.S. government is actively engaged in terrorist attacks against U.S. targets and is intentionally slaughtering U.S. citizens, you're a disgusting person if you don't do everything in your power to overthrow that government.

    When a government engages in such behavior, it can no longer be trusted to try itself through it's own courts, the corruption must be systematic.

    If you think that the President is responsible for orchestrating the murder of Americans for a political prop, you should buy a rifle. Otherwise, it's best to let those already identified as tin-foil-hat wearers take up this sort of unprofitable talk, lest you be mistaken for one of their numbers.

  4. I quite intentionally stated that I am not a conspiracy guy. My intention is to place emphasis on a few specific questions regarding this incident and it's followup correction and investigation. I am amused by the aluminum foil people but just as you occassionally lend credence to the National Enquirer for unearthing valid facts, the foil heads bring up interesting questions once in a while. Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. This matter falls squarely in the jurisdiction of DHS. No shenanigans there.

    And if BP was the to blame, it's a clear conflict of interest to let them do the investigation.

  6. Whoa. Let's calm down a bit.

    "The department deployed SWAT teams from the Minerals Management Service to inspect 30 drilling rigs operating in the deepwater sections of the Gulf of Mexico. Inspections should be completed within the next week, according to an Interior Department spokeswoman."

    So -- they are SWAT teams of inspectors. Nothing sinister there.

    And -- this simply falls under the DHS jurisdiction -- just like Hurricane Katrina did (and except for the global warming folks, nobody accused anybody of manufacturing Hurricane Katrina). It's just one reason why the creation of the department was crazy. Right now Secretary Napolitano is responsible for the Times Square terror would-be attack, the border nonsense in Arizona, and this oil spill. Nothing sinister there, either. Stupid, maybe, but not sinister.

    The DoJ employees are to monitor BP's handling of the accident. You don't think they're lawyered up to the gills? Since they have to pay for the clean up, it's not a bad idea to have some legal eagle types from our side in on this from the beginning. Nothing sinister there.

    I don't know what you mean about BP employees being "banned from taking part in the investigation." I couldn't find anything on that, although surely you wouldn't expect them to head it up. If they did, would it surprise you to find that they were somehow not responsible for the accident?

    I think this was a terrible tragedy. Just because accidents at deep water drill sites are unlikely does not mean they are impossible. According to an MMS report, there were 117 failures of blowout preventers in a two-year period in the late 90s ( ) And from what I've read elsewhere, BP has a horrible reputation for safety.

    I'm getting ready to head to the coast to help clean up if I can. I don't think anyone did this on purpose and would be beyond shocked to learn otherwise.

  7. I don't know that anyone needed calming. My heart rate wasn't elevated in the slightest. I was busy eating less, I guess.
    You, as usual, have good answers. I like to get riled up now and then, though. You know that about me too. I think this is an epic disaster and I would like to see the oil stop flowing as quickly as possible. If it was a terrorist act, I want to know. If it was intentional in any way, I want to know. If it was accidental, I want to know that someone learned from it and takes huge strides to make sure it doesn't happen again. Is there a safer way to drill offshore?