Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Hesitation

Hat Tip to Ignatius Piazza for the follow up article below.

As I have stated in the past, I DO NOT recommend you sit down with the news media to be interviewed following a gunfight. However, I would be remiss in my duties to educate you on what happens IN and AFTER a gunfight if I did not share this post gunfight interview with you.
This is a great interview that demonstrates many of the key characteristics of those who command and control their destiny versus those who fall prey to random acts of violence. Watch this extremely educational and intriguing post-gunfight video and see if you can spot WHY this man is alive today and then see my comments that follow…(you can click the link above to watch the 25 minute video).

OK, let’s see how you did…

  1. He carries his weapon everyday and at all times. WHY? Because anything can happen at any time.
  2. He practices every two weeks. WHY? Because due to the stress and speed of a lethal encounter, you are only half as good in a real gunfight as your are on your most recent training day, so train often and train hard.
  3. He lives his life in a state of awareness of his immediate environment. WHY? So he can see a fight coming BEFORE it is too late to do something about it.
  4. He understands to look at his opponent’s hands first. WHY? Because what is in you opponent’s hands will tell you whether he has the ability to hurt you or not.
  5. He understands ACTION always beats reaction. WHY? Because criminals expect passive victims when they start waving guns around and barking orders. Criminals do not expect resistance so when you immediately ACT to defend yourself you have a .25 to 1.5 second advantage over your opponent where he cannot possibly react fast enough to defeat your first shot (and subsequent shots IF you hit with your first shot.)
  6. He understands you only have one chance so you better take it and make good on it. WHY? Because if you don’t hit with your first shot, the playing field is now level and your opponent gets his turn.
  7. He takes the actions of armed robbers seriously and personally. WHY? Because there is nothing more serious and more personal than being the master of your own life and defending yourself against anyone who thinks differently. He takes the actions of armed robbers seriously and personally. WHY? Because there is nothing more serious and more personal than being the master of your own life and defending yourself against anyone who thinks differently.
  8. He understands the Combat Mindset which states that you must be ready, willing, and able to act immediately, ferociously, and with no regard for your opponent’s well being. WHY? Because criminals with weapons will show no regard for your well being and it is better to be the victor than the victim. It is better to live than to die.
  9. He understands the last thing you want to do is use a gun to defend yourself… unless you absolutely had no choice. WHY? Because of the potential for post-shooting criminal and civil liability as well as concerns of harassment and retaliation from the criminal community. Still, it is better to be alive to face any potential liability or retaliation than to die on your knees.
  10. He understands it is not fair that he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with nobody there to protect him. WHY? Because life is not fair. That is why he carries a gun. (AND YOU SHOULD TOO!)
  11. He understands that he was the only person who could make a positive difference in the immediate and gravely dangerous situation that threatened several innocent people. WHY? Because he was the only person with a gun.
  12. He believes he is just an average citizen defending himself. WHY? Because it is the right answer, but you and I, and anyone who has ever received any formal training, know that this guy is no average citizen. He is cut from the cloth of a noble warrior and had mentally and physically prepared himself– hoping he never would have to use his skills–but ready, willing, and able to defend himself (and others) against bad men with lethal intent.

I salute him. He did everything right. He is a hero because he placed himself in the line of danger to defend others and did so successfully. Front Sight has a Lifetime Legacy Membership waiting for Harry J. McCullough. We look forward to hearing from him. Well done James!
NOW HERE IS MY QUESTION FOR YOU? How would you have performed in a similar situation?
Do YOU even have a gun to carry?
Do YOU have a Concealed Carry Permit?
Do YOU carry your gun with you at all times?
Do YOU have the mental and physical skills (training) required to win a lethal encounter?

Mr Piazza has a flair for the dramatic, but then, so does Sharon. *grin*

There are Sheep. There are Wolves. And then there are a few Sheepdogs out there. Mr McCullough is a Sheepdog.

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