Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deadly Businesses

This post is locally focused. There are numerous businesses in Omaha, Nebraska (and your town) that are unsafe. Deadly unsafe. They advertise on their front door that you have a higher risk of dying there than at other businesses. I can't imagine that the business owners are intentionally endangering their customers but evidently their fear of guns is greater than their fear of bad people using guns against them.

In Nebraska, if you are trained in the safe handling and use of handguns, have been photographed and fingerprinted, have passed a background check, and have not been convicted of a felony, you can obtain a concealed carry permit.

Business owners that post the sign on the door banning permit holders from entering their business, endanger their customers' lives. Criminals know that they will not face Harold James McCullough or anyone else trained on how and when to use a gun when they barge in the front door yelling, "this is a stickup!"

I will modify this post on a regular basis, listing the names of businesses that endanger their customers by posting the above sign on their door telling armed robbers and killers that they will meet no opposition at the following locations (please feel free to let me know of other locations that you encounter):

  • Valentinos Restaurant, 102nd & Maple, Omaha
  • Quick Trip, 96th & F St, Omaha
  • NE Safety Council, 120th & M Cir, Omaha
  • Westroads Mall, Omaha (INCLUDING VON MAUR!!!)


  1. I don't believe I have ever seen such a sign. That makes me rather happy.

  2. I was just watching one of those "World's Wildest Videos" programs and a video from Brazil came on.

    A biker pulled a gun on a gas station store clerk while he was outside smoking and forced him back into the store. The clerk was able to draw his own weapon (holstered on his hip) and fire on the robber who fled the store before collapsing in the parking lot from his injuries (which were not fatal).

    This underscores the importance of not simply owning a weapon, but having it on your person. If the clerk's gun had been behind the counter or in a safe instead of on his hip, things could have gone very differently.

    And one wonders how differently things might have gone had the clerk been able to wear his sidearm openly.