Sunday, May 2, 2010

Booboo's Boneheaded Booboos

Well, there was an SUV full of gas cans (full of gasoline) and fireworks and electronics and smoke was emanating from the vehicle. Sounds like a duck to me. The Pakistani Taliban says the bomb was set in Times Square, New York City as retribution for the massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan.

This Jihadist threat is evidently not high on the priority list of our Reformer in Chief. He has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stand down. Thank goodness he didn't take the threat of 80 year old Tea Partiers so lightly when he called out the SWAT Team last week.

Has the rioting by liberals in Arizona made it to the network news yet? I haven't seen anything. Full scale rioting and wanton destruction of property doesn't rise to the level of warranting a SWAT Team. But we are safe from granny attacks.
Way to go Booboo.


  1. I don't know how much more of this guy I can take.

    The rain has had me reading blogs and articles all day long about these events...and the more I read, the more incensed I become.

    Articles of Impeachnment anyone???

  2. LISTEN TO THE TEA PARTIERS! You hear them responding to Gestapo-esque trampling of their freedoms with "Yes sirs" and "thank yous!" Being polite to the officers! When one TEA Partier begins to sound irritated at the actions of the SWAT Team (towards the end of the video) you can hear another person saying "They aren't doing anything wrong." acknowledging that these are just officers following orders they may or may not agree with!

    Wonder if anyone will think about the "racial tension" of a black president sending armed riot officers on peaceful white protesters?