Friday, May 28, 2010


Do you know about this? Each week you have the opportunity to vote on which of five potential government spending cuts you would most like to see. Eric Cantor (the Republican Whip) will work to bring the winning cuts to the House floor for a vote.

The left is poking fun at it, but I don't know--it wouldn't surprise me if this thing catches on. Are the cuts significant? No, not really. But, you know--cut a hundred million here, a hundred million there and pretty soon someone, somewhere might not have his taxes raised. And, of course, anything that irritates the left has some political value.

Speaking not of that--did you hear about the poll that shows that 84% of Massachusetts residents want tougher anti-illegal immigration laws? What's going on up there? First they elect a Republican to Ted Kennedy's old seat (oops--the people's seat) and now this? Has anyone checked the temperature in hell lately?

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whiner in Chief

Obama, speaking to a sympathetic crowd at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser:

"'Let's face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s,' he said."

Read it again and then sit back and think.

This last year and a half. Worse than any 18 months of WWII? Of the Vietnam War? Korea? Worse than the eighteen months following 9/11?

Honestly, sometimes he opens his mouth, things come out, and I find myself nauseated.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


(Sigh. I did lots of cutting, copying, pasting, HTML-ing -- and the result is that this post looks odd. I am giving up, however, so you are left with varying fonts and sizes and line spacing -- and for that I apologize.)

Hillsdale College, a lovely liberal arts college located in rural southern Michigan, is a rarity among institutions of higher learning. They do not accept any federal or state taxpayer subsidies, for one thing. And in an era characterized by liberal dominance of the academy, Hillsdale has been described by National Review magazine as a "citadel of American conservatism." Hillsdale was the first American college to amend its charter to prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, or religion (shortly after its founding in 1844 it became an outspoken opponent of slavery and a proponent of education for black students, who were admitted to its programs immediately; they were also the second school in the nation to offer four-year liberal arts degrees to women). All in all, a lovely school providing lovely opportunities for conservative students to grow and learn while surrounded by liberty- and freedom-loving students and staff members.

Hillsdale is also known for its monthly publication, Imprimis. If you have not heard of Imprimis, it is my great pleasure to tell you about it. First, it's free. Go here to subscribe. The content of the magazine is drawn from speeches at Hillsdale-hosted events. The college draws most of the heavy hitters in conservative politics, so it is worth your while to subscribe. According to the web site, Imprimis boasts a readership of over 1.8 million. It has roughly the same number of subscribers as Newsweek.

Let me switch gears for a moment. Most of us know and understand that the mainstream media is dominated by liberals. When liberals write about conservatives, odd things happen.

From a post today in The Corner, Jonah Goldberg quotes himself from an earlier column:

I was recently watching a BBC wildlife documentary on the Discovery Channel. The narrator — a British fellow with an accent like Gandalf the White — described the scene:

The male approaches the pack. His intentions are clear: assert dominance, conquer, rule. Sensing trepidation from the younger males and curiosity from the bitches — who at this age are in a perpetual state of heat — the would-be leader-of-the-pack seizes his opportunity. He puffs out his chest and lets loose with a booming roar: "Hey, have you read the latest issue of National Review?"

Okay, I'm lying. Or, as Steve Glass or Jayson Blair might say, I'm "fabulating." (My couch just yelled from the other room: "Actually, Jonah, technically speaking Blair would say he's 'stickin' it to Whitey!' but I get your drift.") But, my point is, whenever I read liberals reporting about the goings-on of conservatives I always get the nature-documentary vibe. A liberal reporter puts on his or her Dian Fossey hat in order to attempt to write another installment of Conservatives in the Mist. I've followed this particular brand of reporting for years, it's almost a fetish of mine. Most attempts fail. Of these lesser varieties, there's fear ("Troglodytes!"), mockery ("Irrelevant troglodytes!"), condescension ("I had to explain to them they're troglodytes."), bewilderment ("Why don't they understand they're troglodytes?"), astonishment (Dear God, they're not all troglodytes!"), and a few combinations of all the above.

But sometimes they even succeed, to a point. Thus, like the real Dian Fossey, they manage to saunter into the leafy thickets of conservatism, and are welcomed into a band of gorillas. They hold out the equivalent of a banana or maybe a fistful of grubs for long enough and eventually we come sniffing around. We're intrigued by the creature lavishing attention on us. And the reporter eventually begins to feel as though he has been accepted into the band. Eventually, we conservatives grow comfortable enough around them to return to our old patterns. We scratch and fight and do our gorilla things and the chronicler dutifully takes notes. The notes eventually make their way into an article for the New York Times or The New Yorker or Vanity Fair.

"Who knew?" the readers will say over their morning bagels and coffee in Southampton or Fire Island, "I had no idea conservatives were such intelligent creatures. Why they even have the capacity for emotion and even some rudimentary forms of kindness."

This was in response to this post from Kevin Williamson, writing about what he calls "Exciting New Developments in Conservative Anthropology":

This is a new classic in the genre I like to call “the anthropology of conservatives.” You know the drill: A soy-latte liberal ventures beyond his local Trader Joe’s and “discovers” some fascinating and curious aspect of the conservative world. (“Who are these strange people protesting our heroic new health-care plan? Are we witnessing the rise of American fascism?”) Although work in this field occasionally rises to the level of art, it more often founders at the level of banality. Sadly, that is the case with Jordan Smith’s startling discovery: Imprimis, which he believes to be a little-known journal, one with “samizdat status,” … with a readership about the size of Newsweek’s.

Salon’s befuddled Smith starts off with an observation almost on par with that apocryphal Pauline Kael response to Nixon’s election (“I can’t believe it! I don’t know a single person who voted for him!”) writing: “The conservative newsletter Imprimis has nearly 2 million subscribers, which is surprising because almost no one has ever heard of it.” Obviously, those 2 million subscribers have heard of it. (Have 2 million people heard of Jordan Smith?) The largest audience in talk radio—Rush’s—has heard of it. It’s advertised on lots of talk-radio shows, most of which have audiences many times larger than Salon’s readership. Let me begin a list of the people who had not heard of Imprimis until recently: Jordan Smith. (Somebody check with Pauline Kael.)

Smith notes that Imprimis is published by Hillsdale College, and he writes: “Its 1,300 students tend to see it as a bastion of righteousness in a sinful world.” Really? Name one. (Don’t worry; I’ll wait.) I know a fair number of Hillsdale students, and I have heard not one describe the college that way. (I occasionally have heard them describe the school and its administration, and a few of its professors, in colorful terms, none of which was “bastion of righteousness.”) Did Jordan Smith actually speak to a single Hillsdale student? My guess is: No, he did not. But, if so, whom? If not, what is the source of that claim? Come on, Smith: Anthropology requires rigor! Either source that claim or turn in your pith helmet.

And so, the moral of the story is . . . subscribe to Imprimis. It'll drive the liberals crazy.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guest Blogger

This post was written by guest blogger Alexander Herbitter.

The Importance of Language

Perhaps my biggest pet peeve is the misuse of the word "right(s)." For instance, states' rights is a misnomer. States do not have rights. No government has rights. States (like the federal government) have powers. Only people have rights.

The difference there is that a "power" is a right, belonging to the people, that the people have elected to delegate to the government. For instance, we delegate the power of building roads to the government.

Perhaps the most poignant example of this misuse is the current debate over health care. Health care is absolutely a right. Let me say it again so that there is no mistake: I have every right in the world to purchase health care and health insurance to the degree I am willing, and able to do so.

What is meant by the "health care is/isn’t a right" debate is really "health care is/isn’t an entitlement." While I absolutely have the right to health care, health insurance, and other associated services, I am not entitled to them.

The distinction here is very important. Currently I work in metal building fabrication. I show up to work every day and I make steel beams that will be assembled into buildings. Because you do not own me, you do not have a right to my labor. That is what the institution of slavery did—it gave slave owners the right to the labor of the slaves. Now my employer, by virtue of our mutual contract, has become entitled to my labor. That is, he pays me for it. He has bought my absolute right to my labor and so it has become an entitlement on his part (much like a right becomes a governmental power once delegated by the people). He does not own me, but I have agreed to sell him my labor and so long as I continue to accept his money he is entitled to what he has paid for (my time and labor).

A doctor sitting in an examination room trying to figure out why my wrist hurts is doing precisely the same thing I do when I fabricated that previously mentioned steel beam. He and I have contracted (the difference between “employer” and “customer” is minimal) so that I may purchase his (highly skilled) labor. I have paid for it and am entitled to receive service as such. But he is not my property and I do not have any right to his labor. He may refuse to contract with me at any time, and I may refuse to contract with him and take my business elsewhere. If I had an absolute right to his labor, he would not have that freedom.

An insurance company does exactly what my employer does—that is, offers a product to meet the demands of its customers. And unless you own the company, you have no more right to the product of an insurer than you have a right to the product of my employer. You can purchase their product and become entitled to the fulfillment of their contractual obligations, but until you own the company you do not have a right to their products.

This is, by the bye, why stocks pay dividends. Owning stock in a company represents ownership of that company (own 10% of the shares out there and you own 10% of the company) and dividends are paid from the company's profits—that is, they are your share of the profits that you have a right to because you are an owner of the company.

It’s simple word play, but it is important. The liberals have defined health care as a "right" and were the first to misuse the word. But when conservatives play that game it makes us into the folks saying "YOU AIN’T GOT NO RIGHTS, SON!" and that’s not the way to play it. The "entitlement" point allows us to come off, not as the ideology of "no," but the ideology of "earn it."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Come To My Country And Talk Smack About America? Get Out.

The second time you are caught in Mexico illegally, you are given a mandatory 10 year prison sentence. This is not the condo prisons we have here in America. Mexican prisons are a place you want to avoid. Clarity of vision there, huh?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited the White House Wednesday and had the unmitigated gall to criticize Arizona's illegal immigration law saying, "cooperation is needed to fix the US-Mexican immigration issue but such laws as the Arizona law that is forcing our people to face discrimination."

Hey there Felipe, psst... over here. Hey ese, it is almost identical to our federal law. Arizona got pissed that your criminals, your unemployed, your problems are invading their state and robbing and killing and driving their social programs to bankruptcy and your buddy Obama isn't enforcing those laws.

Since this nation is a Republic, where the states are supposed to be the primary governors of the people, Arizona got it right. The federal government would love to rule supreme and is not happy at all that a state has the audacity to push back and set its own ordinances that echo the federal law. Technically illegal immigration should fall under the federal umbrella but the pompous heads in D.C. are busy finding ways to spend your money, so go go Arizona!

Oh yeah, and Felipe, don't come to my country and talk smack about our laws when you have full fledged drug wars raging in your streets, when your people are starving to death while you eat gourmet meals, while your law mandates a ten year prison sentence for illegals in Mexico. Your feet smell Bad, ese. Get the heck out of my country, clean up your act, and unless you speak of America with respect, stay out. Do us all a favor and take Barry with you? Thanks, pal.

Long-Legged Mac Daddy City Planner in Chief

First, Obamacare is going to reduce the deficit. Did anyone really believe that could happen? Anyone? Really. I think The Chosen One really thought us peons were really that stupid. How many gajillion times did he say it? But he also said that if that weren't true, he wouldn't support Obamacare. How about that one? Did anyone really swallow that pill, either?

Richard Foster, the chief actuary (bean counter) for Medicare conducted a study resulting in a verdict that Obamacare's accounting was flawed and that the Medicare cuts which fund half of the new law are "unrealistic and unsustainable". Oops. Sorry Barry. I didn't believe you to begin with but now that your numbers are seeing the light of day, they don't add up and you don't have to be smarter than a fifth grader to see it.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has also changed their tune, stating that there will be no deficit reduction after all. How about that. I am just shocked.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is quite concerned as well, stating that, "the substantial decrease in Medicare payment rates [called for by the Affordable Care Act] to health care providers may prove difficult to implement."

Oh BamBam. We all knew the truth about this all along. Sure you fooled about 30% of the population with your lies, but the rest of us see you. We see you dancing around and playing the fool. We see you avoiding questions from the press, we see you telling our seniors and our handicapped that they don't have a moral obligation to just die for the good of society, we see you Mr Obamalama. Mr Long-legged Mac Daddy (I Love Dr. James David Manning), the City Planner In Chief, is a liar and is not doing a very good job selling this thing now that it has passed and we can see what is in it. We're all tired of getting lied to, Barry. Stop it and fix this mess or we will boot you all out and fix it for you. Oh wait. Maybe we'll boot you and all your friends out anyway. Buh bye.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lie About Your Military Service Then Run For Senate. Scum.

Hey Connecticut, your Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, is a sleazebag and now he is running for the U.S. Senate.

Our veterans are to be honored. Our veterans have willingly agreed to serve our country, to put their lives on the line for your freedoms afforded you under the Constitution of the United States of America. Combat veterans have faced the enemy, have had bullets pass by them, some through them. Combat veterans deserve a place of honor in this country and in our hearts.

Richard Blumenthal avoided being drafted into the military five times by applying for deferments. When it appeared that he was no longer going to be able to avoid service, he joined the Marine Reserve in Washington, virtually ensuring that he would never be deployed overseas. Mr Blumenthal has never been to Vietnam and has never seen one minute of combat.

“We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” Mr. Blumenthal said to the group gathered in Norwalk in March 2008.

“When we returned, we saw nothing like this...” he said to a rally in Bridgeport in 2003.

When questioned about his numerous false representations of having served in Vietnam, Blumenthal says that he must have misspoken or that he doesn't remember saying it.

A person making false claims about their military service (or lack thereof) is vile and reprehensible and is the lowest form of self-aggrandizing scum that can exist in this country that honors the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

The dishonor brought on himself, and the repeated ethical lapses required to make false claims like this should be sufficient to prevent him from ever being elected to any governement position. Saying that politics is sleazy anyway is not valid. We the people need to clean it up and the best place to start is a mess like this guy.

Shame on you, Richard Blumenthal. You disgust me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love One Another, People

One simple link today. Black, white, hispanic. Doesn't matter.
(it's worth watching to the end)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Target Acquisition And Removal

The best way to beat the Democratic socialists in November is to clearly paint them with laser sights. The Republicans should make it clear that they are for repeal of Obamacare and ask all Congressmen that are also for repeal to stand up and be noticed. The remaining Democratic socialists and Republicans still seated should have every laser equipped voter angry and pointed right at them. They will have self-selected for target acquisition and removal.

On election day, it should be a simple task to surgically remove that socialist cancer from Congress. The Republicans have solutions to the health care problem. Once Obamacare is repealed, the time will be at hand to devise a workable, affordable solution to the issues we face.

Seek repeal. Identify those who oppose repeal. Remove the anti-American slugs from their comfortable chairs and bring in the God fearing American patriots that will keep this country strong.

The Other European Volcano

This is longish but excellent. Obama has it completely backwards and is driving at high speed toward a form of government that is at this very moment in history, completely collapsing. The utopian socialism he dreams of is fleeting and unsustainable. The European Union is demonstrating that to the world right this very minute. Read this post and learn. Knowledge is power.

When Greece started to erupt, the volcanic ash spread over the social democrats’ smug vision of a perfect European Union.

Five years ago, the European Union’s account of itself resonated with end-of history triumphalism. In organic fashion, democratic socialism would spread eastward and southward, recivilizing the old Warsaw Pact and the Balkans through cradle-to-grave entitlements, state unionism, radical environmentalism, and utopian pacifism. No wonder that Turkey begged — and often humiliated itself in the process — to get inside this more perfect union.

Over here, we were often lectured by “progressives” that almost everything Europe did was better — subsidized mass transit, free college tuition, extended maternity leave, early retirement, and “soft-power” diplomacy. Indeed, Obama’s presidential campaign was in some senses a stealthy referendum on Europeanization. And once he was elected, his moves to raise taxes, expand government, expropriate some private industries, run up exponentially increasing deficits, subsidize environmentalism, and triangulate with enemies and allies abroad were European Union to the core.

Few wanted to listen when it was pointed out — well before the Greek meltdown — that on key questions of demography and immigration, the future of the European Union was bleak. The very idea that, in historical terms, socialism, agnosticism, pacifism, and hedonism were not only interrelated and synergistic, but also suicidal for civilization, was considered crackpot.

Furthermore, even in the days of loud socialism, Old Europe’s notion of class made it hard to assimilate Islamic immigrants. Unlike other newcomers, North Africans and Turks channeled their resentments through religious fundamentalism. Something about their European hosts — the pacifism, the liberal perspective on matters of sex, the agnostic and atheistic proclamations — infuriated Muslims in a way not even the Great Satan did. The result was that the more a liberal Europe tried to appease radical Islam abroad and its own estranged Muslim underclass at home, the more it was despised as weak, decadent, and — worst of all — increasingly irrelevant.

Few wanted to listen when it was pointed out that Europe was, in terms of traditional military power, nearly defenseless, unable to protect itself from Russian bullying, a bellicose radical Islam, or a soon-to-be-nuclear Iran. Its reluctant participation in the war against the Taliban, warmly welcomed by Washington, only made all of that more clear. Apparently, the technocrats in Brussels figured that the Neanderthal age of war itself was over. Learned diplomats in The Hague and at the UN would soon adjudicate “differences,” which largely grew out of either misunderstanding or preventable material inequality, rather than Thucydidean honor, fear, and perceived self-interest, which were innate to the human condition, and checked by fossilized concepts like military preparedness and deterrence. That all such pretension was predicated on the safety net of NATO and the U.S. defense budget was considered simplistic, or at least problematic. (Or perhaps Europeans felt that if cowboyish Americans like to strut on the world stage — why, let them strut and waste their money occasionally on Europe’s behalf.)

That Europe’s socialist model had led to relatively modest growth over the last decade in comparison with other advanced economies, that unemployment in Europe was likewise chronically high, and that worker productivity was static were always downplayed or at least balanced by “quality of life” counterpoints. Who cared that, over the last decade, much of Europe saw economic growth at only 50 to 75 percent the U.S. rate per annum, or that it struggled with 10 percent unemployment, or that it discouraged start-up companies, when the quality of life there was so much better for so many more people than anywhere else?

The wonder of the Greek implosion was not that it came so soon, but rather — given the pan-European phenomena of early retirement, declining populations, bloated public sectors, and militant unionism — that it took so long. In some sense, the dream of the European Union — a continental democratic socialism that offered a Western liberal antithesis to the United States — is now finished. Let us count the reasons why.

1. EU expansion has probably ended. The irony is that wannabe members like Turkey will now probably be relieved rather than envious and bitter at being excluded. At worst, a chronically broke Turkey can cook its books and devalue its currency as it wishes, without international lenders assuming de facto control of its government, as in the case of Greece. In the next few years, we will not hear discussions about expanded EU membership; rather, we will hear debates about members’ voluntary or forced withdrawals. At best, the entire unworkable scheme will devolve to its original idea of a few Western European nations’ agreeing to loosely integrate their economies, and to adopt a common foreign policy within the NATO alliance.

2. So the pan-European commonality is unraveling. What is striking about the German-Greek fight is not that frugal lenders would be angered at profligate borrowers, or even that the envious, weaker client would resent the more powerful and haughty patron, but just how quickly the memories of 1939 rippled through the continent, as the thin veneer of European socialist brotherhood was torn away. The German and Greek presses almost immediately were refighting World War II — Greeks demanded more wartime reparations and the return of their supposedly stolen “gold”; Germans were willing to take in exchange uninhabited but picturesque Greek islands. The old European fear of a strong, alienated, and angry Germany resurfaced, along with the old stereotypes about sun-loving, irresponsible (and lazy) Mediterraneans in need of handouts from hardworking and sober (but cold and ruthless) northerners.

3. NATO may well transcend the EU, as the bluster of an all-European rapid-response military dies on its fragile shoot. By all accounts, there should no longer be a reason for the NATO alliance to exist — except for its original reason. That is, Europeans will soon, more than ever, want the Americans in (when, in the age of Obama, a debt-ridden socializing America seems to want out); the oil-rich Russians out (when the old Soviet republics and Eastern Europeans see that Western assurances are, as in the past, empty); and Germany down (amid paranoia that Germany might well go its own way, and do with its money what it used to do with its military). So, again, weird as it might seem, as the EU weakens, expect Europeans to look more to NATO. As their own money runs out, and as their utopian views of defense are shown to be as suspect as their economic pretensions, European Union nations will be happy as never before for the American umbrella. Indeed, if Turkey wished to overfly the Aegean islands hourly, or flex its muscles on Cyprus, I doubt that a soon-to-be-butchered Greek military could do much — or that an estranged northern Europe would much care.

4. Democratic socialism has been shown to be unsustainable, and this has become the subtext of much of the populist anger at Obamaism. After September 2008, the crack-up of a wild Wall Street was to bring on a referendum on the intrinsic contradictions of capitalism. But at the same time, many wondered why, then, some wiser Europeans were still moving to open up their economies rather than add more government, taxes, and bureaucracies. In truth, the United States, should it remain a free-market open economy, will be able to survive September 2008 far better than the Europeans can survive Greece and what is to follow — largely because, despite Obama, America is still far more entrepreneurial and business-friendly. Our states are integrated in a way that Europe is not. Californians and Arizonans may not like each other right now, but their animosities do not affect the U.S. dollar, the Federal Reserve, and Social Security, in the way that the German-Greek showdown involves basic policies of finance, regulation, and pensions — well aside from linguistic, cultural, and historical differences. Like it or not, Europe, and especially Greece, are the canaries in the American mine: Try Googling “Greece” + “California” for the details from some 60 million results.

Once the bureaucratic scab comes off, we are going to see many of the European Union’s raw wounds as never before. The Greek riots are instructive, as the world watches in shock as the prospective recipients of world largesse rage at their benefactors. Draping the Acropolis with the hammer-and-sickle seems an odd way to convince capitalists to bail out socialists at the beginning of the life-saving tourist season. But, then, when does any dependent either voluntarily cut back, or feel gratitude toward its patron? We may well see far more violence as the crisis spreads throughout southern Europe. An entire generation nursed on socialism as a birthright — with no direct memory of the hardship of the Depression, World War II, the postwar rebuilding, or the fault lines from left-right violence in Spain, Italy, and Greece — will very soon be “asked” to give much of it up. As the statist economy goes, so too will go much of the European posturing about state-subsidized radical environmentalism, pooh-poohing of Islamic radicalism, and holding up of the bogeyman of American imperialism. Those were always pipe-dream ideologies of an affluent and subsidized populace. They are certainly luxuries beyond the means of a far poorer, far angrier citizenry that now must live in the unkind world.The story of the European Union is not just the need for a Greek bailout or the scrambling to come up with it, but rather the long-dormant tensions that surround it. In short, there is more than one volcano in Europe, and the second one too is beginning to erupt.

Hat tip to Victor Davis Hanson.
Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and editor.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama's CT Social Security Number

Any take on the Obama social security number noise?

What does it matter? That's the bottom line.
If someone tomorrow comes up with video showing Obama being born in a Kenyan hut, he will still be president.
I think this stuff hurts the right.
It turns off independents who think we're all wackos anyway. (Editor's note: Sharon IS wacko)
Before the election I was reading a column written by some really smart legal types...
and they said that finding someone to sue -- if he was, in fact, born out of the country -- would be tricky.
Who has standing to sue? One case was already thrown out of federal court because the judge ruled that the plaintiff had no legal standing to bring suit.
No one really does.
Maybe John McCain, but other than that...
and who wants Biden to be president anyway?
Plus, if you think the country is bitterly divided NOW -- just IMAGINE what it would be like if the fairly elected president would be kicked out of office by something like this (not that it would happen, but isn't that what birthers want?)
Personally, I'd be against it.

So -- that's what i think.

And I think it will make a wonderful blog entry.


We Are NOT Created Equal

We are NOT created equal. There are smart people, there are people that are not very smart, there are ambitious people and there are lazy people, there are leaders and there are followers. It has always been this way and it always will be this way. That is why socialism cannot work. If all people were drones with no hopes or desires, socialism might stand a chance. Fortunately for us, we are not all drones. We are individuals with different genetics and different upbringings, different morals and different views on the world.

If I am ambitious and have a vision of the future that includes me being successful, I am willing to do without things in order to achieve those goals, to spend all the time necessary, to make the financial sacrifices. I am willing to fail repeatedly until I get it right, despite all the bumps and bruises and humiliation along the way. When I finally succeed, I have righteously earned what I have at the end of the day. I can thank God for all the failures because they contributed to my learning and my eventual success.

If I am satisfied to work as little as possible and go home and sit on the couch and watch television and eat Ho Hos and get fat, then go to bed so I can do the same thing tomorrow, then I have the right to do that too but I do not expect much from life.

If I am a product of government dependence, I will work the system that is set out in front of me and think nothing less of myself. I will fill out the forms, tell the necessary lies and have the necessary children to fully work the system so that I can get just enough to scrape by at the poverty level my entire life. I will even teach my children how to do the same.

The lazy and the dependent will never lead. They will never achieve. They must become ambitious if they are to do so. Fortunately, ambition is not genetic. Anyone can be ambitious. Ambitious people always do better than those who are not. Ambitious people are annoyed by unambitious people that say to them that they are owed something by the ambitious. This annoyance is what prevents socialism from ever becoming an acceptable form of government to those ambitious people in a land that allows ambition to translate into success.

We are not created equal but we certainly all have the ability to be equal. When I speak to you face to face, I do not see a black man or a hispanic woman or an asian child. I see and interact with another person, a person who is ambitious, or dependent on the system, or lazy. I will help any of you in any way I can. I will befriend any of you that need a friend. I will motivate you to ambition if you ask and want it. I will introduce you to God, whether you ask or not. My ambition is for you to be ambitious. Are you satisfied with the life you lead?

To Reiterate . . .

Ward's been doing yeoman's work here for the past week or so as I took a short vacation from reality. His posts lately have all had a particular theme, however, and while I have no brilliant insights to offer I want to reiterate some of the things Ward's been saying.

Right after Obamacare passed, folks with an ounce of fiscal sense were ranting and raving about the horror of it all. Polls showed a wide gap between Democrats and Republicans with regard to enthusiasm about voting in the November elections (Republicans were enthusiastic; Democrats, not so much). Folks were engaged, enraged, and determined.

Well...time has passed. It's hard to sustain any intense emotion for very long. Polls are showing that the enthusiasm gap has narrowed (primarily due to Republicans' enthusiasm dampening, not Democrats' enthusiasm increasing). And we're still almost six months away from election day.

For most people (including me), politics is not something that makes the pulse race and the mouth salivate. Most of us would rather spend our time thinking about the Yankees (am I right?) or our children or our spouses or our friends or our faith, hobbies, meals, cars, vacations, books, movies . . . you get my drift. I understand this because I'm right there with the majority.

Here is the thing, though. I don't like doing laundry, but I like having clean underwear to put on after I take a shower. I don't like grocery shopping but I hate being hungry even more. Heck, I don't even like spending time brushing my teeth, but the alternative is worse.

There are a lot of things that we spend time doing that we do because we have to. Because we're adults--and responsible adults at that. Because we care for our families or our communities or our employers or our God.

Well, politics might fall into this category for some of us. Unfortunately, all too often it's one of the duties that gets overlooked or given cursory attention or is just plain ignored. And what a shame this is! Our political leaders are making decisions that will affect Americans long after we're gone. Oh--and it will affect us, too, in the short run. If we care about ourselves, our communities, our families, our employers (or the fact that we have livelihoods), and even our faith, it is important to keep informed about what is happening in Washington (or in Montgomery or in Tallahassee or Lincoln or whatever city is your state capital).

Too often people just go to the polls and vote the way they've always voted. They know they are supposed to be liberal or they know they are supposed to be conservative so they simply punch the chad by the "D" or "R" candidate that corresponds to those leanings. Or, even worse, they vote for the candidate who looks the nicest or sounds the nicest or who's the one they'd most like to have a beer with. The problem with the second scenario should be obvious, but there is a problem with the first one, too. Yes, of course, you should vote. But you should know why you're voting for a particular candidate so you can discuss it intelligently with others. And--often--you should call or email or write the candidate or the representative or even the newspaper editor and let your voice be heard!

The things going on today are frightening to me. We're seeing levels of debt I could never have imagined a decade ago. We are seeing the curtailing of freedoms and the expansion of government in unprecedented ways and at speeds that take my breath away. So, please--pay attention. Educate yourself. Make your voice heard. Vote. It all matters--and more than you probably imagine.

More later . . .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If You Don't Care, You Will Lose

As of today, May 12th, 2010, the rest of the money spent by the federal government this year will be borrowed money. That is very scary. When The Chosen One took office, our debt was 60% of our Gross National Product (GDP). It is already all the way up to more than 80% today. That would be like an American that makes $35,000 per year spending $57,000 per year, every year. Uhh... Houston we have a problem.

Greece owes $400 billion which represents slightly more than 115% of their GDP.
Spain owes $819 billion which represents only 60% of their GDP.
Italy owes $2 trillion because of its profligate spending of just under 115% of their GDP.

Folks, once you owe more than 100% of what you take in, you are circling the drain and there is little hope of survival. No one will lend to you any longer under favorable terms, meaning that you can no longer issue the welfare checks, you can no longer provide the health care, you can no longer provide the social security, you can no longer pay the teachers or policemen or firefighters. When you make that announcement to your nation and the world, you disgrace your nation and your citizens object loudly, with fire and destruction and death.

The European Union has promised a $1 trillion bailout package to their struggling members but that will probably not get the job done. What socialist Europe is discovering is that socialism, while a terrific sounding idea, in practice does not last very long. A government cannot be the doting mother offering her bosom to feed the masses, be the doctor to care for every scrape on the knee, be the primary provider for the poor and the elderly. That should never be the purpose of government. The purpose of government is supposed to be that of providing basic societal order. That's it.

When charismatic men twist and grow government to empower themselves at the expense of society, the sheep line up for their share. When everything is gone, the bins are empty, the government is destitute, what is happening in Greece happens. What is about to happen in Italy and maybe Portugal happens. But why should you care? Why should you be reading this hot air? Who gives a rats rear?

Buddy, you had better care. You want to retire someday, I presume. We have a recovering economy right now. The market has been rising continuously for over a year without one single (normal) 10% correction. Our overseas sales are partially responsible for this recovery. If Europe stumbles because of their current stubbed toe and they stop buying US goods, the Euro falls, the Dollar rises, our exporters suffer. You suffer.

If The One doesn't cut spending, doesn't abandon ridiculously expensive programs, doesn't stop the insane fiscal irresponsibility, we will have a very serious problem. This is not hypothetical. We are already over 80% of GDP. Care, people. You must care, you must engage and be an active participant in saving your country. That is NOT an empty dramatic plea. This is reality, folks. You must engage and help reverse the course of this recklessly out of control spending machine.

Either Engage Or Stop Whining

Yesterday was primary election day in Nebraska. Did you vote? I didn't think so. Less than 15% of voters turned out even though there were 79.3 million dollars worth of bond issues on the ballot for Omaha. What does that mean? That means that because all five issues passed, citizens of Omaha are now on the hook for another 79.3 million dollars worth of debt and they didn't even bother to go to the polls to voice their opinion.

When a city wants to raise, say $5,000,000 to buy new police cars for instance, there are two primary ways of accomplishing this. They can either hold a bake sale or they can issue bonds. Since bake sales rarely bring in more than $500, Omaha decided to go with bonds this time.

Bonds are really nothing more than IOU's . Investors buy the bonds in exchange for the promise of interest payments and all their principal back at a predetermined maturity date, usually 15-30 years down the road.

In our example, we are buying police cars. A police car has an average life of maybe two years before it is worn out because it is in use 24/7. In 2040, Omahans get to pay back the $5,000,000 they borrowed 30 years prior, for cars that went to the crusher 28 years ago. Ouch. Should have opted for the bake sale.

Back to my point. Only 15% of Omahans turned out to vote yesterday. Typically the folks that turn out for primary elections are the dyed in the wool Democrats or Republicans that will tromp through three feet of snow to vote because that is what they are supposed to do. And they Are supposed to do that. But so were you. Because your voice was not heard, our taxes will go up to pay for these bonds.

I was of the opinion that in a down economy, maybe this wasn't the optimum time to spend millions of dollars upgrading warehouses or city parks. I am quite certain I will hear people grousing about their local taxes in the coming year. I will not be a sympathetic ear.

People, at this point in history, YOU MUST ENGAGE politically. You Must be paying attention and participating. If you do not, terrible things will be done to how this country is ruled, dominated, taken over by power-hungry socialists. We are supposed to live in a small government republic with most direction coming at the state level. That is not what I see when I look out my window. Engage, people. Pay attention and learn the facts and let your opinions be known. It's time. It is your responsibility to do so.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Supreme Court Viagra Retortist Uh Huh Uh Huh

Don't you just hate it when you think of the perfect comeback two days too late? I do. The other day, a friend, well, a Facebook friend whom I have never met... but apparently I "like" because Facebook says I do, made a comment that I was dying to respond to but I was not bright enough to come up with a witty retort at the time. It was even a Viagra comment! If you are even an amateur retortist, and I do not consider myself an amateur in this category, you must have a retort for a Viagra comment.

The denouement may be somewhat anticlimactic (no pun intended) but the exchange went something like this:

Carlos: *&^*&%*&%)!!!
Me: Relax, dude, it was a joke.
Carlos: I'm as relaxed as an 85 year old without any Viagra.

Of course the clear response from a savvy retortist would have been something along the lines of "Your 85 or my 85?" But I had nothing. Nyet. Nada. Not a darn thing. Sigh.

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Madelaine Albright, Andrea Dworkin. I don't think there's enough Viagra in the world for that list.

How about that ultra-liberal Elena Kagan? She's got the creds and she's likable and she is charismatic and she's only just turned 50 which means we could have her around for thirty or forty years. His Holiness wants to redefine executive power and recreate this country in his image and the surest way to get that done is to first redefine the high court in his image.

Kagan's hero is Justice Thurgood Marshall, and of course he was the most ultra-liberal that has ever had a seat on the Supreme Court. That should give us a clue as to how this youngun will behave in her first position ever as a judge. Our Supreme Ruler of the Universe will do all in his power to get Ms Kagan or someone exactly like her on the bench. He really wants this one though. They are old pals. I will be voting in the primary election in the morning. The only way to stop this socialist freight train is to vote every last one of these demosocialists out of office.

Viagra, Mr President?

I'm thinking maybe I should think twice before writing when I'm exhausted. :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Deadly Businesses

This post is locally focused. There are numerous businesses in Omaha, Nebraska (and your town) that are unsafe. Deadly unsafe. They advertise on their front door that you have a higher risk of dying there than at other businesses. I can't imagine that the business owners are intentionally endangering their customers but evidently their fear of guns is greater than their fear of bad people using guns against them.

In Nebraska, if you are trained in the safe handling and use of handguns, have been photographed and fingerprinted, have passed a background check, and have not been convicted of a felony, you can obtain a concealed carry permit.

Business owners that post the sign on the door banning permit holders from entering their business, endanger their customers' lives. Criminals know that they will not face Harold James McCullough or anyone else trained on how and when to use a gun when they barge in the front door yelling, "this is a stickup!"

I will modify this post on a regular basis, listing the names of businesses that endanger their customers by posting the above sign on their door telling armed robbers and killers that they will meet no opposition at the following locations (please feel free to let me know of other locations that you encounter):

  • Valentinos Restaurant, 102nd & Maple, Omaha
  • Quick Trip, 96th & F St, Omaha
  • NE Safety Council, 120th & M Cir, Omaha
  • Westroads Mall, Omaha (INCLUDING VON MAUR!!!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Plunging And Soaring

I wish we were talking about necklines here, but we're not.

For those of you unfamiliar with the stock market, what you hear from the talking heads on TV can sound pretty scary. I'm going to give you a two minute education that will hopefully clear things up for you a little bit. Or maybe you'll just say, "huh?" We'll see.

Publicly owned companies issue shares of stock. Millions of them, usually. If you buy 100 shares of Harley Davidson, it would cost you just under $3,000 and you would be a teeny tiny owner of the company but with none of the responsibilities of running the company. You would, however share in the profits or losses of the company.

If lots of Harleys were produced inexpensively and sold at a high price, you might reasonably expect your stock to rise in value. If, on the other hand, you have different fingers like I do... wait. Wrong discussion. If Harley sells fewer motorcycles because of a tough economy and they wind up with a bunch of them sitting on showrooms, then you might reasonably expect the value of your stock to go down.

Those are the unmanaged market factors. What a lot of people forget, is that America is a capitalistic society and that the people that have managed to rise to the top levels of our corporations are generally very smart people that know their only job is to produce profits for the owners of the company (that's you, the stock holder). These very smart people are always thinking. "What can we do to make DoerBitter Dispatch readers more money?"

Well, these folks figure out ways to reduce expenses, how to create interest in their new line of Hogs, how to get butts in the seats. If they can convince 60 year old accountants that this is a new road to cool, then by golly, they have just opened up a new market and sold more bikes and made you more money. Of course, in that example, we might have to take a few extra steps because plaid sweaters and argyle socks clash with eau de Harley, but again, I digress.

As a result of this corporate intelligence in our capitalistic nation, companies grow over time. Sure there are ups and downs along the way, but if you own good companies that you understand, you will make money over time. Ignore the bar stool talk about the huge profit or huge loss your buddy made. They are not investors, they are gamblers and they rely on luck.

Buy quality and hold it for a long time. If something changes; if Harley Davidson decides that square wheels would be an interesting change to their product line for instance, maybe then it is time to take your profit and walk away.

Diversification is very important. You don't want to put all your eggs in one Harley Davidson. They vibrate like crazy. Mutual funds are a common and relatively safe way to buy multiple companies at one time.

$10,000 invested in Harley Davidson in April of 1990 is today worth $275,934. Remember that we have had several "devastating" market crashes during that time period. Remember what I said about ignoring the talking heads on TV? Do find a financial advisor you trust and listen to what he or she tells you. A good advisor will educate you over time, which will help you be more comfortable changing the channel when the news anchor starts screaming hysterically about the latest stock market "free fall".

Ignore the market "plunging" and "soaring" you hear about on the evening news. Invest regularly and ignore the noise. When retirement day gets here, you will find out that capitalism ain't so bad after all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patriot Guard Told To Get Lost

The Patriot Guard is a loosely organized group of motorcyclists, mostly comprised of veterans. There are members from sea to shining sea and their mission is primarily to protect the honor of our veterans and to ensure veterans are given respectful funerals. Funerals and memorial services are often times distinguished by the Patriot Guard members standing at attention holding American flags on 8 foot poles. This is a group that I am proud to be a member of.

The miners killed in West Virginia were honored a couple of days ago at a memorial service in West Virginia and several of the miners families requested the presence of the Patriot Guard for their fallen veterans. Over 2,800 people attended the memorial service. None were Patriot Guard.

It seems that despite the governor's approval and assistance in organizing the presence of the Patriot Guard (at the families request), one attendee of the memorial service told the Patriot Guard to get lost, that they were too much of a security risk. You guessed it. Barrack Hussein Obama decided that a group of veterans, attending a memorial service at the request of family members, bearing American flags, was too much of a security risk.

The other 2,800 people in attendance who may or may not have risked their lives defending America's freedom and who may or may not be members of a patriotic organization of some sort, were not deemed to be a security risk.

It appears that the President's strategy was a success. Obama was able to escape West Virginia unharmed. Disgusting.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

This is a very long post but when you have a few minutes, you will not regret taking the time to read it.

Hat Tip to:
On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs - By LTC (RET) Dave Grossman, author of "On Killing."

One Vietnam veteran, an old retired colonel, once said this to me:
"Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident." This is true. Remember, the murder rate is six per 100,000 per year, and the aggravated assault rate is four per 1,000 per year. What this means is that the vast majority of Americans are not inclined to hurt one another. Some estimates say that two million Americans are victims of violent crimes every year, a tragic, staggering number, perhaps an all-time record rate of violent crime. But there are almost 300 million Americans, which means that the odds of being a victim of violent crime is considerably less than one in a hundred on any given year.

Furthermore, since many violent crimes are committed by repeat offenders, the actual number of violent citizens is considerably less than two million. Thus there is a paradox, and we must grasp both ends of the situation: We may well be in the most violent times in history, but violence is still remarkably rare.

This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other, except by accident or under extreme provocation. They are sheep. I mean nothing negative by calling them sheep. To me it is like the pretty, blue robin's egg. Inside it is soft and gooey but someday it will grow into something wonderful. But the egg cannot survive without its hard blue shell.

Police officers, soldiers, and other warriors are like that shell, and someday the civilization they protect will grow into something wonderful. For now, though, they need warriors to protect them from the predators. "Then there are the wolves," the old war veteran said, "and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy."

Do you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without mercy? You better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial.

"Then there are sheepdogs," he went on, "and I'm a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf." If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath, a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? What do you have then? A sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero's path. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed.

Let me expand on this old soldier's excellent model of the sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. We know that the sheep live in denial, that is what makes them sheep. They do not want to believe that there is evil in the world. They can accept the fact that fires can happen, which is why they want fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms and fire exits throughout their kids' schools. But many of them are outraged at the idea of putting an armed police officer in their kid's school. Our children are thousands of times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by school violence than fire, but the sheep's only response to the possibility of violence is denial. The idea of someone coming to kill or harm their child is just too hard, and so they choose the path of denial.

The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and has the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog must not, can not and will not ever harm the sheep. Any sheep dog who intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed. The world cannot work any other way, at least not in a representative democracy or a republic such as ours. Still, the sheepdog disturbs the sheep. He is a constant reminder that there are wolves in the land. They would prefer that he didn't tell them where to go, or give them traffic tickets, or stand at the ready in our airports in camouflage fatigues holding an M-16.

The sheep would much rather have the sheepdog cash in his fangs, spray paint himself white, and go, "Baa." Until the wolf shows up. Then the entire flock tries desperately to hide behind one lonely sheepdog. The students, the victims, at Columbine High School were big, tough high school students, and under ordinary circumstances they would not have had the time of day for a police officer. They were not bad kids; they just had nothing to say to a cop. When the school was under attack, however, and SWAT teams were clearing the rooms and hallways, the officers had to physically peel those clinging, sobbing kids off of them. This is how the little lambs feel about their sheepdog when the wolf is at the door.

Understand that there is nothing morally superior about being a sheepdog; it is just what you choose to be. Also understand that a sheepdog is a funny critter: He is always sniffing around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go bump in the night, and yearning for a righteous battle. That is, the young sheepdogs yearn for a righteous battle. The old sheepdogs are a little older and wiser, but they move to the sound of the guns when needed right along with the young ones.

Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep, that is, most citizens in America said, "Thank God I wasn't on one of those planes." The sheepdogs, the warriors, said, "Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference." When you are truly transformed into a warrior and have truly invested yourself into warriorhood, you want to be there. You want to be able to make a difference. There is nothing morally superior about the sheepdog, the warrior, but he does have one real advantage. Only one. And that is that he is able to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys 98 percent of the population.

There was research conducted a few years ago with individuals convicted of violent crimes. These cons were in prison for serious, predatory crimes of violence: assaults, murders and killing law enforcement officers. The vast majority said that they specifically targeted victims by body language: slumped walk, passive behavior and lack of awareness. They chose their victims like big cats do in Africa, when they select one out of the herd that is least able to protect itself. Some people may be destined to be sheep and others might be genetically primed to be wolves or sheepdogs. But I believe that most people can choose which one they want to be, and I'm proud to say that more and more Americans are choosing to become sheepdogs.

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men. - Edmund Burke. In nature the sheep, real sheep, are born as sheep. Sheepdogs are born that way, and so are wolves. They didn't have a choice. But you are not a critter. As a human being, you can be whatever you want to be. It is a conscious, moral decision. If you want to be a sheep, then you can be a sheep and that is okay, but you must understand the price you pay. When the wolf comes, you and your loved ones are going to die if there is not a sheepdog there to protect you.

If you want to be a wolf, you can be one, but the sheepdogs are going to hunt you down and you will never have rest, safety, trust or love. But if you want to be a sheepdog and walk the warrior's path, then you must make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate, equip and prepare yourself to thrive in that toxic, corrosive moment when the wolf comes knocking at the door. For example, many officers carry their weapons in church. They are well concealed in ankle holsters, shoulder holsters or inside-the-belt holsters tucked into the small of their backs.

Anytime you go to some form of religious service, there is a very good chance that a sheepdog in your congregation is carrying. You will never know if there is such an individual in your place of worship, until the wolf appears to massacre you and your loved ones. I was training a group of police officers in Texas, and during the break, one officer asked his friend if he carried his weapon in church. The other cop replied, "I will never be caught without my gun in church." I asked why he felt so strongly about this, and he told me about a cop he knew who was at a church massacre in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1999. In that incident, a mentally deranged individual came into the church and opened fire, gunning down fourteen people. He said that officer believed he could have saved every life that day if he had been carrying his gun. His own son was shot, and all he could do was throw himself on the boy's body and wait to die. That cop looked me in the eye and said, "Do you have any idea how hard it would be to live with yourself after that?"

Some individuals would be horrified if they knew this police officer was carrying a weapon in church. They might call him paranoid and would probably scorn him. Yet these same individuals would be enraged and would call for "heads to roll" if they found out that the airbags in their cars were defective, or that the fire extinguisher and fire sprinklers in their kids' school did not work. They can accept the fact that fires and traffic accidents can happen and that there must be safeguards against them. Their only response to the wolf, though, is denial, and all too often their response to the sheepdog is scorn and disdain. But the sheepdog quietly asks himself, "Do you have any idea how hard it would be to live with yourself if your loved ones were attacked and killed, and you had to stand there helplessly because you were unprepared for that day?"

It is denial that turns people into sheep. Sheep are psychologically destroyed by combat because their only defense is denial, which is counterproductive and destructive, resulting in fear, helplessness and horror when the wolf shows up. Denial kills you twice. It kills you once, at your moment of truth when you are not physically prepared: you didn't bring your gun, you didn't train. Your only defense was wishful thinking. Hope is not a strategy. Denial kills you a second time because even if you do physically survive, you are psychologically shattered by your fear helplessness and horror at your moment of truth.

Gavin de Becker puts it like this in Fear Less, his superb post-9/11 book, which should be required reading for anyone trying to come to terms with our current world situation: "...denial can be seductive, but it has an insidious side effect. For all the peace of mind deniers think they get by saying it isn't so, the fall they take when faced with new violence is all the more unsettling."

Denial is a save-now-pay-later scheme, a contract written entirely in small print, for in the long run, the denying person knows the truth on some level. And so the warrior must strive to confront denial in all aspects of his life, and prepare himself for the day when evil comes. If you are a warrior who is legally authorized to carry a weapon and you step outside without that weapon, then you become a sheep, pretending that the bad man will not come today. No one can be "on" 24/7, for a lifetime. Everyone needs down time. But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself... "Baa."

This business of being a sheep or a sheep dog is not a yes-no dichotomy. It is not an all-or-nothing, either-or choice. It is a matter of degrees, a continuum. On one end is an abject, head-in-the-sand-sheep and on the other end is the ultimate warrior. Few people exist completely on one end or the other. Most of us live somewhere in between.

No Hesitation

Hat Tip to Ignatius Piazza for the follow up article below.

As I have stated in the past, I DO NOT recommend you sit down with the news media to be interviewed following a gunfight. However, I would be remiss in my duties to educate you on what happens IN and AFTER a gunfight if I did not share this post gunfight interview with you.
This is a great interview that demonstrates many of the key characteristics of those who command and control their destiny versus those who fall prey to random acts of violence. Watch this extremely educational and intriguing post-gunfight video and see if you can spot WHY this man is alive today and then see my comments that follow…(you can click the link above to watch the 25 minute video).

OK, let’s see how you did…

  1. He carries his weapon everyday and at all times. WHY? Because anything can happen at any time.
  2. He practices every two weeks. WHY? Because due to the stress and speed of a lethal encounter, you are only half as good in a real gunfight as your are on your most recent training day, so train often and train hard.
  3. He lives his life in a state of awareness of his immediate environment. WHY? So he can see a fight coming BEFORE it is too late to do something about it.
  4. He understands to look at his opponent’s hands first. WHY? Because what is in you opponent’s hands will tell you whether he has the ability to hurt you or not.
  5. He understands ACTION always beats reaction. WHY? Because criminals expect passive victims when they start waving guns around and barking orders. Criminals do not expect resistance so when you immediately ACT to defend yourself you have a .25 to 1.5 second advantage over your opponent where he cannot possibly react fast enough to defeat your first shot (and subsequent shots IF you hit with your first shot.)
  6. He understands you only have one chance so you better take it and make good on it. WHY? Because if you don’t hit with your first shot, the playing field is now level and your opponent gets his turn.
  7. He takes the actions of armed robbers seriously and personally. WHY? Because there is nothing more serious and more personal than being the master of your own life and defending yourself against anyone who thinks differently. He takes the actions of armed robbers seriously and personally. WHY? Because there is nothing more serious and more personal than being the master of your own life and defending yourself against anyone who thinks differently.
  8. He understands the Combat Mindset which states that you must be ready, willing, and able to act immediately, ferociously, and with no regard for your opponent’s well being. WHY? Because criminals with weapons will show no regard for your well being and it is better to be the victor than the victim. It is better to live than to die.
  9. He understands the last thing you want to do is use a gun to defend yourself… unless you absolutely had no choice. WHY? Because of the potential for post-shooting criminal and civil liability as well as concerns of harassment and retaliation from the criminal community. Still, it is better to be alive to face any potential liability or retaliation than to die on your knees.
  10. He understands it is not fair that he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with nobody there to protect him. WHY? Because life is not fair. That is why he carries a gun. (AND YOU SHOULD TOO!)
  11. He understands that he was the only person who could make a positive difference in the immediate and gravely dangerous situation that threatened several innocent people. WHY? Because he was the only person with a gun.
  12. He believes he is just an average citizen defending himself. WHY? Because it is the right answer, but you and I, and anyone who has ever received any formal training, know that this guy is no average citizen. He is cut from the cloth of a noble warrior and had mentally and physically prepared himself– hoping he never would have to use his skills–but ready, willing, and able to defend himself (and others) against bad men with lethal intent.

I salute him. He did everything right. He is a hero because he placed himself in the line of danger to defend others and did so successfully. Front Sight has a Lifetime Legacy Membership waiting for Harry J. McCullough. We look forward to hearing from him. Well done James!
NOW HERE IS MY QUESTION FOR YOU? How would you have performed in a similar situation?
Do YOU even have a gun to carry?
Do YOU have a Concealed Carry Permit?
Do YOU carry your gun with you at all times?
Do YOU have the mental and physical skills (training) required to win a lethal encounter?

Mr Piazza has a flair for the dramatic, but then, so does Sharon. *grin*

There are Sheep. There are Wolves. And then there are a few Sheepdogs out there. Mr McCullough is a Sheepdog.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heads Are Spinning

OK, let me get this straight. Booboo doesn't want offshore drilling. An offshore drilling rig mysteriously blows up (have you noticed that frequently, you will see the word "mysteriously" used when something occurs under dubious circumstances?).

This particular rig had sophisticated warning systems to warn the crew in advance of an explosion or malfunction. Survivors say the warning system did not activate and that they were taken by surprise. This rig was also outfitted with devices to shut off the flow of oil should a disaster occur. These devices have failed to perform their job as well.

That last paragraph should make you raise an eyebrow. The fact that Booboo took eleven days to speedily jump to action on this disaster shouldn't surprise you at all. What I do find curious (or mysterious) is the fact that Booboo has now banned BP employees from taking part in the investigation, despite his announcement that BP will be footing the bill for the disaster.

Instead of allowing the people most familiar with the rig, and the people most likely to recognize what broke, what went wrong with the systems resulting in the presumed death of the eleven missing crew members, Booboo is inexplicably sending in a federal SWAT Team, Department of Justice employees, and Homeland Security personnel. Huh?

Let's recap. Booboo doesn't want off shore drilling. Drilling rig explodes without any of its alarms going off. Automatic shutoffs don't function so an environmental disaster ensues. The scientists and employees of the company that built the rig are banned while government personnel conduct the investigation.

I'm not a conspiracy guy but this situation is simply rife with potential for someone who is. Wow. I can almost see their heads spinning.

Wide Gates and High Walls

I stole that phrase ("wide gates and high walls") from Jonah Goldberg who stole it from one of his readers. It perfectly sums up the way I feel about immigration. I think our current laws (not the ones that are being ignored, but the ones that immigrants must follow in order to be here legally) need revising. I think many more people should be allowed to come here and that the process for handling legal immigration should be streamlined. That's the "wide gates" part.

As far as "high walls" goes--I think it's imperative that we decide (and that we know) who gets to come here and who doesn't. A nation must have control over its borders.

I think Charles Krauthammer has it right on this issue. Build a wall. Show us that the government is serious about keeping out illegal immigrants. If you do that, then we can talk about some sort of amnesty for those who have been here for years, including children who have known no other country as home but are still "illegals." The problem with amnesty before enforcement is that we've done that before. When Reagan offered amnesty to illegals it was going to be "the last time." And now here we are again in an even worse situation than when he was in office. If we offer amnesty without controlling the border, folks know that all they have to do is sneak over and then wait in the shadows for the next amnesty to roll around.

All the hue and cry over Arizona's law is ridiculous. Folks down there live with problems that the rest of us have only read about. When 70% of a state's population is behind a law like this, well, you can be pretty sure they're dealing with extreme circumstances. Who are we to tell them they have to live this way--at the mercy of an apathetic federal government that will not enforce its own laws?

There has been a lot of high-profile yapping about the Arizona law. San Francisco has banned imports of goods from the state (um...okay...THAT'll show them). The Major League Baseball Players Association has made veiled threatening harumphing sounds (no more spring training in AZ?). The "Boycott Arizona Iced Tea" movement got some momentum behind it until folks pointed out that the tea is bottled in New York.

My first response to this is to ask San Francisco how much stuff they buy from China, where folks are actually, you know, oppressed. My second response, though, is that all of the noise is coming from small groups and from groups with limited power to actually DO anything. I think the law will, on balance, bring more business to Arizona because there are lots of folks (who don't have PR departments and don't issue press releases) who feel some sympathy for the people of Arizona who are living under extraordinary circumstances and paying for services for folks who ignored our laws in their very first act on American soil.

More later...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Booboo's Boneheaded Booboos

Well, there was an SUV full of gas cans (full of gasoline) and fireworks and electronics and smoke was emanating from the vehicle. Sounds like a duck to me. The Pakistani Taliban says the bomb was set in Times Square, New York City as retribution for the massacres in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan.

This Jihadist threat is evidently not high on the priority list of our Reformer in Chief. He has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stand down. Thank goodness he didn't take the threat of 80 year old Tea Partiers so lightly when he called out the SWAT Team last week.

Has the rioting by liberals in Arizona made it to the network news yet? I haven't seen anything. Full scale rioting and wanton destruction of property doesn't rise to the level of warranting a SWAT Team. But we are safe from granny attacks.
Way to go Booboo.

Posted a Day after the Fact

"Earlier today, Janet Napolitano appointed Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Thad Allen to coordinate the federal response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. That's great, but the oil rig blew up eleven days ago, on April 20."

From Power Line (h/t The Corner)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

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