Friday, April 30, 2010

Yes, Crime Is Illegal

I cannot think of a more ridiculous thing to say. Some brainiac at MSNBC actually had the thought, wrote about it, and created this headline AND MEANT IT!

...the headline "Law Makes it a Crime to be Illegal Immigrant"

I would like to say I am speechless but I'm not sure what that feels like. What I DO know is that it IS a crime to be an illegal ANYTHING. It is already a crime to be an illegal lane changer, an illegal prank caller, an illegal burglar, an illegal murderer, an illegal alien, an illegal wiretapper. If the word "illegal" is in it, it is a crime. Why do you mollycoddling wack jobs think we should be soft on illegals? They are not legal illegal immigrants. There is no such thing. They are illegal illegal immigrants committing a crime by knowingly breaking the law.

It doesn't matter that they are trying to make a better life for themselves or that it really doesn't feel illegal because they are just living their life or that they think the law is wrong and should be changed. That just doesn't matter. I really feel safer if I wear my gun when I go into the bank, but I don't because it is illegal and there are consequences for going into a bank with a gun. It would be illegal so I don't do it.

Arizona's governor has made it clear that there is to be no racial profiling, that is, pulling someone over for being Hispanic. If they have official contact with a Hispanic, they WILL ask for identification and proof of legal status. Maybe people are hung up with what "official contact" means. As a concealed carry permit holder, I know that it means that if I am interacting with the police for a reason other than incidental contact, that is "official contact".

It is so easy to cry racism. Here's the thing, though. The majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic. Hispanics happen to look Hispanic. If the murderer were driving a green pickup truck, I would expect the police to scrutinize those driving green pickup trucks more closely. Because most illegal aliens are Hispanic and they look Hispanic, I would expect police to scrutinize the identification of those that look Hispanic. For those that are legal, a smile and a "sorry for the inconvenience", from a police officer goes a long way.

For those that are most vocal, SHUT UP for a minute and read the darn law. Why do we constantly have to tell these people to read the bill? For crying out loud. This new law in Arizona states that the laws already on the books are to be enforced. If the Feds won't do it, then the states should. Obama has directed the State Department to keep a close eye on Arizona. Why doesn't he have someone just keep an eye on the darn border? Mexico's inbound immigration policy is every bit as strict as ours, only they enforce theirs. Grrr.

I love the fact that several other states are looking at enacting similar legislation. I think Barry might be getting a bit frustrated. Like maybe he's losing control. Poor Barry. Barry, you promised many things and have not delivered. Things that belong at state level are being handled at the state level, and you are just going to have to deal with it. If you want to whine, give me a call. I'll listen. But be prepared to hear my honest opinion about your ineptitude. For everyone else, stop being stupid. Illegal is illegal in this country. No matter how much you whine and cry, illegal will still be a crime.

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