Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ward and I started this blog because Obamacare infuriated us. Not just the legislation (although that would have been enough), but the unprecedented way in which it was thrust upon an unwilling electorate. A bill so massive, partisan except in its opposition, clearly unread by most legislators--it was a dismaying mixture of helplessness, sadness, anger, and fear that made us decide we had to do something. And so we write.

We have no special connections; it's highly unlikely that you will ever find a scoop on this site. But we believe our voices are important--not because of who we are, but because of who and what we represent. We live in Alabama (by way of Florida) and Nebraska (by way of Ohio). The South. Middle America. Christians. Middle class folk. The kind of people those on the coasts love to denigrate, clinging to our guns and religion. There's nothing special about us (if you subtract about six inches from Ward's height, anyway). We're parents and spouses, volunteers in our communities. We'd like to focus on anything except politics, but we're not going to sit idly by while our way of life is threatened.

Make no mistake about it--that's what this is all about. Raise your eyes to the horizon, look a little past our borders. The debt of Greece was downgraded to junk status this week; Portugal is not far behind. Those currently in power are determined to make us more like Europe at a time when the warning signs could not be more explicit: "This Way Be Dragons." Don't go there.

Lower your eyes. Look at your children. What kind of legacy do you want to leave them? Is it the legacy of America as a beacon of opportunity, as the place looked upon by the world as THE place to be if you're willing to work hard? They don't call it "the Spanish Dream," you know. It's the American Dream, and we believe in it and intend to stand and fight those who are trying desperately to take it away in the name of what they say is best for us.

To our Christian friends who struggle with the idea of spending effort on temporal, secular issues, we have this to say. If we wait until the secular world intrudes upon the way we wish to worship it will be too late. We must never forget that the most important things are eternal things, but it behooves us to be Christian actors in the country in which God has placed us. If Christians do not participate in government someone else will. And the laws they pass will affect you in ways you may never have imagined.

Please stay informed. Please get involved, even if that means something as convenient as ordering a yard sign or contributing $25 to a candidate's campaign. Vote. Email your representatives. Pray for this country.

More later...

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  1. What has made America great?

    Immigrants made this nation great. But they did so by assimilation. When new peoples came here from every corner of the world and plugged in to our society they shared with us new was of thinking and of doing. Making America the intellectually diverse nation we are today.

    But now we see European-esque cultural isolationism (i.e. "multiculturalism") being pursued. The easiest and most successful lies are those which, as closely as possible, mimic the truth. Diversity, without interaction, is not diversity.

    Capitalism made this nation great. But we are being encouraged to depart and move towards European-esque socialism. If the USSR was not enough evidence, Greece and Portugal should surely demonstrate the folly of such a move. And further, Germany being both the most capitalist nation in the EU and asked to make the largest contribution to Greece's bail-out should be mentioned.

    Entrepreneurs made this nation great. But now we punish such behavior with laws that will only increase the current 90% failure rate of new businesses who will be unable to profit under the burden of pointless and inutile government regulations.

    Liberty made this nation great. Free association, free will, free choice, freedom. And ever more the ability to exercise our unalienable, God-give rights is diminished.

    Libertas in praesenti, libertas in infinitum. Carpe opulentia, carpe libertas.
    Carpe salus, carpe libertas.