Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staff Meeting

I attended a DoerBitter (pronounced deer bitter) staff meeting this evening. We reached the conclusion that although we love having our Liberal friends participate in our blog, we are unlikely to have regular Liberal followers. I, personally, like having them present so I have specific content I can educate them on. I don't know it all, but Sharon & I are both excellent researchers and read volumes of information. As a result, your comments will receive different kinds of responses from the two of us. Hopefully this will provide for a richer experience for you. Our responses might not always be timely, but we will do everything in our power to ensure they are accurate, informative, and interesting. Accurate and informative, anyway.

We, here at The DoerBitter Dispatch, encourage you to stop by often and comment on our little rants. We like that.


  1. It's okay. Ward wants to be nice to everybody all the time. I'm not constitutionally set up that way. So we'll play good cop/bad cop and our roles will be, if not traditionally defined, at least clear. ;)

  2. Now, Ward. If you want to switch roles you have to give me some warning. :p

    And now I have to go to the dentist so I will be vulnerable to your attacks for a few hours!

  3. Ward, you are one of my only conservative friends on my Facebook! I'll have to see if I can rally my troops for your blog.

  4. Or maybe you need a new class of friends. LOL