Friday, April 30, 2010

Silk Worms And Enemas

OK, a silkworm is an interesting critter that isn't even found in the wild any more but is responsible for producing all of our silk. After its 4th molting, it spins a cocoon which consists of about 2000 feet of raw silk. Cool, huh?

Silkworm missiles on the other hand, don't molt at all. In fact, when the North Koreans fire these Chinese made dandies at South Korean ships from a shore battery, they are capable of cutting them in half, killing 46 of 104 crew members. The Cheonan didn't have a chance last month since the attack was completely unprovoked.

The Cheonan did have a sister ship, however, that despite Obama's orders to the U.N. to not escalate tensions in the area, mysteriously set off an artillery barrage that annihilated the shore battery, reporting that they had mistakenly fired on a flock of birds, not North Korea. Oops.

North Korea incidentally, was thiiiis close to getting nuked in 1950 after MacArthur beat North Korea only to find half a million Chinese staring him in the face. Truman wouldn't let him, which really pissed Mac off. He was probably going to do it anyway, and when Truman figured that out, he fired MacArthur. What does that have to do with Silkworms? Well, nothing really. I just thought you should know since you were evidently sleeping through your history class.

Back to March of 2010. Why did the North Koreans attack the Cheonan? Because the boat had been painted taupe. That's reason enough for me. Ah. I am being advised that there is another reason. The North was also angry at reports that the United States and South Korea were planning to destabilize then bring down their communist regime. It seems that some things are transparent and broadcast on C-Span after all.

Who would have guessed that the North Koreans would have been munching on Doritos with their feet in the water massage thingy while U.S. Forces Commander General Walter Sharp told Congress how important it is that we be in urgent preparation for North Korea's sudden government and military collapse. On C-Span. Sheesh.

Now North Korea is strutting around with all the feathers on their back standing straight up, squawking about the unprecedented nuclear enema their invincible army is going to administer. Great. A despot with nuclear enemas. With friends like that, who needs enemas. Sorry.

OK, so we have the Axis of Evil, North Korea, Iraq and Iran, right? Well now it's the three amigos. Obama has ordered the United Nations to back off North Korea, he is protecting Iran while they develop nukes of their own, and ironically has blackballed our long time ally, Israel.

Meanwhile, here at home, a communist regime is being built all around you, right under your nose. Not a believer? Look around. What did Castro say? I believe (I know) that he declared Obamacare a miracle and a major victory for Obama's presidency. Fidel sees it. We need to be standing on the desk stomping our feet, people. It's happening even as you sit watching the evening news. The car crash across town is NOT the important news of the day. Think enema.

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