Sunday, April 18, 2010

Political Violence In America - Who Is Afraid And Why?

A dear old friend of mine was watching Fox's counterpart, MSNBC and saw this episode of the Chris Matthews show and was sufficiently alarmed that she delved into a political discussion on FaceBook, which she usually avoids. This is significant. The show is very long but this is the link to it.

She posts:
I urge people to watch this video. There is a seething anger across this country that is very dangerous and if something isn't done soon to stop it, something really bad is going to happen. I think Obama needs to start arresting the people who are inciting this violence...starting with Sarah Palin and the people on Fox who are pouring gasoline on all these fires.

My response was long and disjointed, having written it as I watched the show:

McVeigh was mentally disturbed. The Tea Party has been the least violent revolution this country has ever seen. Just two months ago, however, Liberal students were rioting at Berkeley, burning and destroying (article from the Liberal Huffington Post). Lets maintain correct perspective.

The panel on this show does recognize that when 70% of the population is angry at the administration, there is something going on, someone is doing something wrong at the top. Historically it has almost always been Liberals that protest violently. When they see Conservatives angry, it is terrifying because calm parent Never gets mad. Calm parent is furious right now.

I am no Palin fan but she articulates very specifically that she is NOT calling for violence. I also notice that the panel states that the only reason for the anger on the right is because Obama is black and that there is no other triggering factor. What? How could they completely ignore the fact that Congress voted against the will of the majority of the citizenry to pass this ginormous healthcare expense? They ignore it like it isn't there. This is Not unbiased reporting.

They are correct, though, when they say that people get angry when they are wronged and that their freedoms are being usurped. Maybe what they need to focus on is what this administration is doing wrong, that so many Americans are angry. You are absolutely right. This MUST be fixed in order to avoid violence. Obama MUST stop taking Constitutional liberties and angering those he vowed to serve.Sorry this is so long. I've been writing as I watch the whole show you posted. They are right that killers should not be allowed to kill but they also acknowledge those are way out wackos.
I fully expect that my friend will ignore the fact that this show has as much a Liberal bias as any show on Fox might have a Conservative bias. I fully expect that she will ignore the fact that Obama is inciting this seething anger, not by being fractionally black, but by trampling all over our Constitution and driving our country to financial ruin. I also fully expect that she will not see that arresting dissenters would be the worst thing that could possibly be done, or that Sarah Palin is not the problem. It doesn't matter. She is still my friend.

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  1. The thread got quite long and as expected, she ignored the facts presented and didn't accept evidence that was offered. Maintaining a stance of head buried in the sand is a bit short-sighted but not surprising. It is safe. No concessions of being wrong have to be made. Not yet. I suppose when it's all over, we on the right will have ruined it out of spite.

    Old friend, one other thing. Don't let people make personal attacks on your site. It shows bad form. You blew it today.