Saturday, April 10, 2010

Phew. The Head Of The AFL-CIO Saw It.

Today, Sharon was inspired and I was just busy beating down the little guy so I could enrich myself. Oh wait. That's how a wacked Socialist Muslim described me yesterday. I know some Socialists that are delightful people to hang with. Same thing with Muslims. This particular one was angry and full of ideology that was straight out of a poorly written "You Too Can Be A Muslim in Two Weeks" handbook. I hope he sees the light before he hurts himself.

To be more succinct, I was busy at work. (Helping other people beat down the little guy so they can enrich themselves.) I did stumble across this fun video of Andrew Breitbart, though.

And if you have 6 1/2 minutes, this Christian Comedian is hysterical.

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