Friday, April 16, 2010

Perspective And A Bullet To The Chest

Anything the government gives you for free, was taken from someone else who earned it.

Prosperity is never created by taking from those who earn money and giving it to those that have not.

This is a very troublesome problem. There are people who need help. There are lots of people that don't need help but take the "free" money anyway. There are lots of people who don't even think about the first sentence of this post; that have never thought of it.

A young man leaves his parents' home and goes off to war, never having lived on his own before. That young man has the misfortune of taking a bullet to the chest while serving overseas. With a 40% disability discharge, this young man is satisfied with the $841 he is promised for the rest of his life. He is elated to find out he will also receive $1100 Social Security Disability. Now he's cashing in!

The problem here is perspective. He has no idea how little $2000 per month really is. If he works and makes $2000 per month at a convenience store (there's not much call in the civilian world for a rifleman with a hole in his chest), then he is working full time for only $800 more per month since his Social Security would stop.

This young man has very little incentive to work. For a kid, $2000 a month is great money! What his lack of perspective is costing him is a chance for a future. He and his wife and new son will live a lower class existence for the rest of their lives because The One and his ilk know that by doling out just enough, they can maintain dependence on the government and the Socialist Progressive Liberals can rely on the votes of the recipients.

This is not what this great country is supposed to be all about. We are supposed to be self-reliant, pull up our bootstraps tough. We should never be degraded to the point where we lower our head and hold out our hand knowing we will be handed money we did not earn, money taken from someone else that did earn it.

I don't know how to tell my son that he simply lacks perspective. I don't know how to tell his young, pregnant, uneducated, but sweet wife that the welfare she grew up on is not a good future for her children. I don't know how to tell an uneducated public that this is wrong, that this is not the way it should be.

The grownups should know. The grownups should have perspective. The grownups need to take a stand and stop by all means, anyone who tries to keep our young, ignorant of this truth. The grownups need to teach our young to work, to earn, to be honorable, to put themselves in a position to help others.

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  1. Value can't be given from one person to another, it can only be earned.

    If I see a homeless man on the street, and I take him to a restaurant and feed him, what has my value achieved? At the end of the day, will he still be homeless? will he still be cold at night? Tomorrow, what comfort will my sandwich give him? I am out the cost of his meal, and he is ultimately no better off than he was before I stepped in. My value has been destroyed--it is gone from this earth.

    Giving a man a fish is never the way to benefit him.