Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pass the Bill to Find Out What's in It

Let Ed Morrissey explain why the new health care evil is going to affect your choices when you dine out.

(Quick posting today -- I'm between the grocery store and a dentist appointment and will run an errand or two after that. Tonight, though, I'll be gunning for bear!)

More later...


  1. Yeah, that's great. The more I find out what's in this bill, the more I love it. America, you are just too stupid to figure out that eating less junk food and exercising will make you lose weight. We, the Congress of the Chosen One, will help you count your calories one by one despite the cost of jobs and ridiculous mandated expense of reprinting menus every time we change a supplier.

    That means that every time the chef finds a way to make a dish taste better, the owner will have to determine if it is worth reprinting all the menus. After having the new dish lab tested to see how many calories are in it. Can you say, "THIS IS RIDICULOUS!"

    Restaurants already are a very low margin business. This unfunded mandate of ludicrous proportion will ultimately result in doors being shut for good in many establishments. Way to go oh Chosen One. What will we discover tomorrow?

  2. I wonder if the prediction of fewer options is accurate.

    If I were a restaurant owner, I would think closing my >19 locations would be preferable (assuming I have in the ball park of 21 locations) to reducing options. You start doing that and you make EVERY location vastly less competitive.

    I really want to see numbers on this mandate from McDonald's. As the world's largest fast food chain (not just the nation's), I'm sure it has to be well into the millions. Not to mention adding a private room to every single location for potential nursing employees.