Monday, April 19, 2010

Palin Fan

I AM a Sarah Palin fan (the "am" is emphasized because it's in response to Ward writing that he's "no Palin fan"). I'll say it loud, I'll say it proud, I'll say it to anybody who'll listen. Palin speaks for a population that has been voiceless in politics for a very long time. Her popularity is no fluke: she has tapped into a vein of unrest and, yes, anger, and given those people an outlet. She is, arguably, the most powerful Republican out there right now.

She would not be my first choice for a Republican nominee for president--but mainly because I don't think she's electable and we MUST find someone who can win in 2012.

I find it more than a little amusing that the left is so afraid that the anger that is felt among the people will erupt in violence. First, I don't think the leadership really thinks that. It's just their next tack against people like me. Call them racist until that loses its power and then get everybody worked up that they're violent.

Well, I don't think most people are actually afraid, but some are. And, to be honest, I don't give a flip. When you take away rights, when you mortgage the future of generations, when you taunt folks--well, guess what? It makes 'em angry. How could it not? One of my Facebook "friends" has gone so far as to block me because, I guess, she thinks I'm scary. (I'm not scary, of course. Not only would I never do anything violent regarding my political beliefs, but I would work to stop violence if I possibly could.)

As for me, I'm encouraged. Yesterday my pastor preached a sermon on why socialism is anti-biblical. It was WONDERFUL. We can go against God's precepts, but guess what? He designed us, He knows what works best for us, and if we ignore His laws we will never have great success in the long term. Period.

Polls are showing that more and more people want Obamacare repealed. More and more people are awakening to what's happening to us right now. Hurry up, November!

More later...


  1. I was too brash when I made the comment, "I'm no Palin fan".
    I am a fan of her ability to jump start the complacent, her ability to irritate the libs, and her girl next door charm. I do not think she is electable and I don't want to see a party divided with her being half the equation. I just wanted to clarify that in case I ever had the chance to take her for a ride on the back of my motorcycle. I don't want anyone to call me a hypocrite or anything. Just in case. You know, just in case something like that happened.

  2. How can she be, simultaneously, "unelectable" and "the most powerful Republican out there right now?"

  3. Can you name another Republican who can draw thousands of people across the country? I sure can't.

    Rush is one of the most powerful Republicans in the country; he's unelectable.

    You don't have to appeal to the general electorate to wield great power.

  4. But wouldn't someone who does appeal to the general electorate wield more power?

    And I don't know that Rush is unelectable. He has a large, dedicated fan-base and an embarrassingly small percentage of our population actually votes (less if both candidates are white).