Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No $ale

If history is a guide (and it always is), then Obama's failure to sell healthcare to America will be its undoing. Legislation this big, legislation that touches every American like this one does, legislation so close to the edge of Constitutionality, would have to have the support of the populace before it could succeed. Not only has The One failed to convince us of the benefits of this monstrous abomination we lovingly refer to as "Obamacare", but indeed, 59% of Americans are now calling for its full repeal. That is a very large number.

I understand we are supposed to be a Republic, a land governed by the rule of law rather than a Democracy, a land ruled by the majority, but without the support of the majority, Obamacare will be a tough row to hoe. National Review printed a positive article by Jeffrey H Anderson, entitled "Critical Condition" that discusses where Obamacare went wrong and how Republicans, Independants, and disaffected Democrats can come together to get this thing tossed out. It won't be easy, but if we stay engaged, it can and should be done. Label me, "not sold on Obamacare" (or Socialism, or nuclear weakness, or fiscal irresponsibility, or liars, or bashing Israel, or....).

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  1. I am liking this trend of more town-hall meetings from politicians. As Republicans move back into Congress and talks of repealing happen, I can't imagine people won't ask Senators/Representatives/The President: "Hey, most of the people in your district want this repealed, why don't you vote that way? Isn't it your job to represent us? Well...we're waiting?"

    Or "Hey, most of the people in the nation don't want this law, if congress votes to repeal it, are you going to sign that? Why or why not?"

    And someone is going to have to say "I don't care what the voters want, we're the government and we know what's best." And that party will be in baaaaaaad trouble. And that won't be the Republicans.