Friday, April 9, 2010

The Moral of the Story: Grow a Pair

Bart Stupak is retiring.

This news is so wonderful that I am thinking of making April 9 my favorite holiday.

Stupak, of course, is the Michigan congressman who held firm on not voting for Obamacare because it violated his pro-life convictions. And then he caved. He traded his principles for a meaningless executive order, thereby subjecting the rest of us to government-funded abortions AND Obamacare. Not bad for a day's work. If you're Dr. Evil.

He says that he's not being hounded from office, that he could win reelection if he wanted to, that he wants to spend more time with his family. The same things they always say when they know their goose is cooked. Mark this one down as a victory for the Tea Partiers, who made him their number two target after Harry Reid (who's not doing well at all back in Nevada).

More later...

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  1. With Stupak (and all of the ones who have/will announce they're not running), pay careful attention to where they go after....the kind of job they get could give you a clue as to who paid them off, so to speak.