Monday, April 5, 2010


I know why people are liberals. I was one myself, after all. It's much more fun to be a liberal than a conservative. Liberals are all about giving people what they want, what (they think) folks need. Liberals are all about heart. It hurts them to see people hurting. They want to help.

I get that.

The problem is that liberals are like the noncustodial parent in a divorce. They don't want anything negative to impact their relationship with their children so they give and give and give. . .

Dessert before vegetables (heck--NO vegetables!). No bedtime. TV instead of homework. The beach instead of the dentist office.

Then, of course, the custodial parent (the "mean" one) gets to come along and pick up the mess. They understand that while eating vegetables is not as much fun as eating Peeps, they are better for you in the long run. They understand that children need sleep in order to grow and function--and to be tolerable--so while bedtimes are almost universally decried among the elementary-school set, they are necessary. And so on.

Conservatives care about people, too. In fact, surveys show that conservatives give far more to charitable causes than do liberals. Among my small circle, I can (easily) name a couple hundred conservatives who spend time on mission trips, in soup kitchens, working with folks in prison or working with drug addicts. I don't know a single liberal who does that. Yes, yes, of course there are liberals who do nice things--I'm just saying that I don't know any of them. And, yes, I know more conservatives than I do liberals. My point is anecdotal; read the link to the survey and see scientific evidence that supports my claim.

Anyway, conservatives care. But what some instinctively knew, and what others (me) have come to realize, is that giving things away is bad for people in general. We don't want to deny people health care--that's NOT what this screaming and hollering is all about. We just know (because the evidence is ample) that the sort of health care evil that was recently passed by Congress is very, very bad for the country and very, very bad for the very people it is designed to help.

Conservatives get a bad rap as being selfish and only interested in money and taxes (specifically our money and our taxes). There is a lot of truth to that, but there's also a reason for it. It's because we know (and again--there is ample evidence to support this) that societies become healthy when people work when they can. And the best way to get people employed is through the free market mechanism of capitalism. To get government out of the way. To let us spend our own money instead of handing it over to Uncle Sam.

This is not rocket science. But a liberal wrote to me right after the health care evil passed and said that "we can't know who's right so we just have to go with our gut." I suspect it's what drives most liberals. But the thing is, we can look at history, we can look at examples in other countries or even states, and we can see actual evidence of how this program and that affect people, society, culture. We most certainly do not have to "just go with our gut." That is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Stay angry.

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  1. "Conservatives care about people too." I am learning that through this blog, actually. Before getting to read this stuff, all I knew about conservatives was through Anne Coulter and Glenn Beck. Because of them, I thought conservatives were mean, ruthless people all about me me me me.

    You guys are alright (no pun intended) even if I do disagree with you nearly 100 percent of the time. It's good to know that while we disagree, we really have the interests of everyone at heart, not just ourselves. We both try to treat our neighbors the way we would like to be treated, just in a very different way.