Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Late To Prom

Well, the New York Times (quoted by HotAir) is a little late to the dance but they've finally arrived. Evidently their Vega limo broke down, but here they are in their Bermuda shorts and leis. Too bad it is a formal affair.

The NYT is apparently an ardent Nancy Pelosi follower. Not only did they wait until it passed to see what was in it, they waited another 3 solid weeks before deciding someone ought to give it a gander. What they came up with is a shocker. The damn thing won't hold water! Go figure.

A healthy 46 year old earning $25,000 will be required in 2014 to purchase health insurance at a cost of approximately $1,845 a year, with the remaining $2,756 subsidized by you. The problem is, healthy 46 year old, let's call him Bobo, shall we? is already scraping by and will be disinclined to acquiesce to the government demand to make this purchase. It will be substantially cheaper for him to pay the fine and wait until he has a catastrophic illness or injury and then sign up.

But wait. That means he'll get the big benefit without paying in. That starts a whole new ball in motion. If Bobo waits until he has a stroke before enrolling in health care, the costs to the insurance companies will skyrocket since Bobo has never paid in. If their costs skyrocket, then you and I have to pay way more. "If you have existing coverage and you like it, then you can keep it". Uh huh. If you can afford it.

If the states cap the now skyrocketing costs of insurance, then the insurance companies will quickly go out of business. Do you see yet, where this is going? What happens if, by Obamacare's rules, the insurance companies are forced out of business? There was no need for a "public option" in the original plan at all, was there? Healthcare in this country as we know it, will end, utterly and completely, within a few short years of Obamacare's true inception date of 2014. It will be replaced with a government run and citizen financed system.

Hey New York Times, welcome to the dance. I hope you brought something to spike the punch with. And you WILL give me a free pass for ending that sentence with a preposition, dagnabbed hoity toity, lei wearing press people.


  1. Even more than simply paying the fine, Bobo could just not pay it!

    I was reading a report on the bill done by a congressional committee (link to follow...when I find it again) that found the fine wasn't actually enforceable. They can't do anything to you if you don't pay it, and there are no penalties for "failing to pay in a timely fashion."

    With that kind of set up, it doesn't make sense for ANYONE to have insurance, unless they are already sick.

  2. What they Can do is deduct it from your tax refund, if you are entitled to one.