Monday, April 5, 2010

Dysfunction Junction

As I read through the morning's news and blogs from the left and the right, it begins to become much more clear, the dysfunction that occurs as a form of government evolves from it's ideal intent to the bastardized form it gradually becomes as the nefarious and the ignorant, in tiny increments, shift it to something never intended. Occasionally the incremental shift is less than tiny. Regardless, alien to its founders it does become.

The Wall Street Journal bears a headline of Strange New Respect which is an informative article about the mainstream media's shift from vilifying the Tea Party to accepting it as a legitimate movement comprised more of soccer moms than angry white males. This is probably due, primarily, to its embarrassment over the false claims they accepted as fact and published of racial epithets being thrown at the Black Caucus as they marched to vote on Obamacare in March.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports on Obamacare's Legislative Dysfunctions. And these are doozies ranging from the student loan takeover slipped into the Obamacare bill at the last minute, to you paying for Viagra for sex offenders, to people gaming the new law, to the Congress and President not having to participate in Obamacare. A very interesting article, well worth your time.

Another unfortunate byproduct of this latest dysfunctional shift (Obamacare) is that this one bankrupts the nation. A very noticeable redistribution of assets will be the reduction in military spending. The USSR and almost all of Europe are excellent examples of strong nations becoming military has-beens, nations no longer "superpowers", nations now vulnerable should aggressors decide they have something they want.

As nations bankrupt, their borrowing becomes first more expensive, then unobtainable. The immediate effect of that is that social programs are slashed or discontinued and the country becomes completely vulnerable to outside influence. If becoming a nation ruled by a tyrant or an infrastructure of radical Muslims is OK to you, then ignore these warnings, ignore history, ignore birthrates and trends, ignore mortality tables comparing public healthcare to privatized, ignore abuses of power, ignore dysfunctional government expanding its powers to those never intended for it to have. You've opened the door to the cage, dysfunctional America. Are you prepared to meet the tiger?

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