Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dhimmitude. I thought the word was made up. After learning the definition of dhimmitude, I wish it were made up. You can Google it, but here is the gist of it. Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad. Dhimmitude represents a behavior dictated by fear (terrorism), pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability. "By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic army, they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation."

Additionally, some have added the aspect that it represents a taxation on non-Muslims in exchange for their tolerating the presence of the vanquished and as a coercive means of converting them to Islam. Snopes.com adds some credibility to this additional meaning.

Stay with me. This gets interesting if we look closely at Obamacare. You will hear people say that Obamacare is the establishment of dhimmitude and sharia Muslim diktat in the United States. While Muslims are not specifically exempted from the mandate to purchase health insurance and the accompanying penalty for refusing, Islam views insurance as gambling, risk taking, and usury, thus a strong case could be made that they should be allowed to opt out of Obamacare for religious purposes.

As a Christian, I cannot opt out based on religious conflict. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will not have to pay for Obamacare, nor will he be penalized for this refusal and he will also not be refused health care. I don't think I am in favor of paying for the health care of people that have sworn to kill me, or under dhimmitude, let me live so long as I am subservient to them.

A friend of mine sent me an email that contained her take on this matter. I assume it is her words but I do not know that for sure, so if it is not her writing, I apologize in advance. She wrote, "Dhimmitude serves two purposes. It enriches the Muslim masters and serves to drive conversion to Islam. In this case, the incentive to convert to Islam will be accepted by those in the inner cities as well as the Godless Generation X, Y, and Z folks who have no moral anchor.
If you don't believe in Christ to begin with, it is no problem to sell Him for 30 pieces of silver."

Free healthcare and no penalty? That seems a no-brainer. I suppose I will be labelled a racist or an islamophobe for posting this. I am certainly not racist and you aren't an unreasonable phobic if the object of that phobia has sworn to kill you. Pray hard, people, and remain vigilant. This is not an ordinary election coming up in November. How you live and how you pray depends on what you do to influence others politically and evangelically. What are you doing so far?


  1. I don't have a problem with this aspect of Obamacare and think it's a huge stretch to call it dhimmitude.

    First, it's a conscience exclusion. The Amish, for example, will not have to participate in Obamacare because it goes against their religious principles. All Christians should find conscience exclusions in legislation to be GOOD things. Without conscience exclusions doctors in hospitals receiving government funding could be forced to perform abortions, pharmacists could be forced to provide abortifacients with no regard for their religious beliefs. So I have no problem with Obamacare including this provision.

    Second, Muslims in this country have long had health insurance (often provided through their place of employment). It remains to be seen whether or not they will be allowed to opt out of Obamacare. The Amish certainly will; they do not participate in the Social Security system because they believe it is up to the community to care for its members. Muslims, however, do participate, so it's very premature to say, based on a statement made by one cleric, that they will be exempt from this. If I were to guess, I would guess that Muslims will not be able to opt out of Obamacare, regardless of the hysteria sweeping the internet that states otherwise.

    Look at this link, for example: http://www.albalagh.net/qa/employer_health_insurance.shtml

  2. I had seen the social security clause and the likelihood of the Amish being granted exceptions. Though the Muslims do pay in to Social Security and have had insurance, I can easily see this exclusion being granted if a few Muslims start waving their hands and yelling about sharia law. Once it is granted to one person, the door is opened permanently.