Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Damn Racist Liberals

“It's always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.” — William Raspberry, a black columnist for the Washington Post.

Why, in 2010, is there such a thing as a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? Could you even imagine a NAAWP?

The Gates Millennium Scholarship fund is available to almost all college bound teens. Unless they are white.

Affirmative Action. The advancement of potentially less qualified persons due solely to the color of their skin or ethnic background.

The perpetualization (I don't care if that really is a word or not) of racial division in America by the very minorities demanding its end, is maddening. Racial and racist programs and policies are promoted and protected by the left while at the same time they demand an end to racism. Enough already! I cannot care any less what the color of your skin is. Your behavior matters to me. Your morals matter to me. Your desire for self-improvement matters to me. Your attitude matters to me. Your work ethic matters to me. Your kindness matters to me. Your sense of humor matters to me. The color of your skin or where you live does not make the slightest difference!

It angers me tremendously to be called racist by liberal politicians that have no idea who I am or what I believe. It angers me tremendously to be called racist by anyone that doesn't know my heart or beliefs. Your definition of racism is almost certainly far removed from my reality.

As long as we keep coddling based on race, as long as we call someone racist any time they disagree with us simply because their skin is a different color, as long as we allow programs like affirmative action and groups like the NAACP to exist, this racist CRAP will continue. The minorities living in perpetual poverty and ignorance need to be helped with programs that END the perpetualization! Don't keep handing them small checks every month. That fixes nothing. Do not allow programs that are founded on racism, on skin color. Call a spade a spade. Call racism racism when you see it but don't allow racists to call you a racist! This is a brutally difficult topic but one that has been pulled to the fore when we elected a President that is fractionally black. Everyone is sensitive to the topic but we need to work on it every opportunity we get.


  1. I do want to mention that Raspberry is a conservative columnist. He wasn't saying that HE believes it's illegitimate for white men to organize as white men, just that that is how it is in our society.

  2. He also said, for example, "You cannot claim both the full equality and special dispensation."

    (And he WAS a conservative columnist. He retired in 2005.)

  3. In the story linked to below, Toby Gerhart faces a tougher time in the upcoming NFL than he should, based on his performance stats. His problem? He's white.


  4. Nothing is more racist than suggesting that someone of color needs government assistance in order to achieve greatness.

  5. Surely, government mandates ordering we treat people differently on the basis of race, will end the social evil of treating people differently on the basis of race! To argue otherwise is simply racist!

  6. I knew Raspberry was conservative but I had never heard the quote, "You cannot claim both the full equality and special dispensation."
    I love that.