Friday, April 2, 2010

Change You Can Cringe To

I have a high deductible insurance plan ($6150) and a Health Savings Account (HSA) that I can deposit $6150 into, spread out over 12 months. I am willing to pay the high deductible in exchange for a reasonable insurance premium.

Because my spouse is handicapped, we usually reach the family deductible sometime in March every year. This is not ideal but I understand that because we are receiving more in benefits than we are paying in, the arrangement is fair. Between the monthly premium and HSA contribution, we pay over $12,000 per year.

The Chosen One has repeatedly promised that if we like our plan, we can keep it.

The Chosen One LIED.

Obamacare changes my plan almost immediately. Beginning January 1st, I will no longer be able to purchase nonprescription medical items or drugs with my HSA card. That means those items will now be in addition to the $12,000 I already pay.

OK, since my deductible is usually met by March, I can deal with some extra out of pocket expense. But wait! There's more! More LIES from The Chosen One.

Beginning in 2013, I will only be allowed to contribute $2500 to my HSA. That means that the rest of my deductible ($6150) must be paid for out of my pocket in three months, rather than spread out over 12 months.

High deductible insurance with an HSA is a very appropriate insurance plan. It discourages the utilization of medical care unless it is truly needed because the first $6150 (in my case) comes out of my pocket. Meanwhile, I fund the HSA over a 12 month period even though it has to be used in the first three months due to our situation.

This is a healthcare plan that works. Premiums are reasonable and we receive the excellent care we need.

The American public needs to know that The Chosen One's lies are going to cost them much. The lies will cost Americans money and the lies will cost Americans their ability to keep their existing plans. Americans from every state need to know about these lies and it is up to you to let them know.


  1. I'm giving the url to a very long post that details all of Obama's broken campaign promises ("lies"). I realize that some promises OUGHT to be broken (for example, after railing against Bush's tactics for dealing with terrorists, Obama has quietly adopted almost every single one of them) and that some will be broken because a candidate is necessarily less informed about governing realities than a sitting president, but this list is noteworthy for its length. And for how quickly he came up with such a long list.

  2. Oh--I should add that when I say "all" of Obama's broken promises it seems very likely that very quickly the list will need to be updated.


  4. I've seen it and love it, lili!
    Here's another that is long but very revealing about what Canadian Obamacare really looks like. It is presented in an entertaining manner so sit back and enjoy.

  5. Ward, that video was truly horrifying.


    We need to get BUSY.

  6. More lies by The One. This video is a 17 minute ramble by The One as he sidesteps a woman's question about whether it's a good idea to tax the heck out of us right now, as we try to exit a recession. He has no teleprompter so he shows his true eloquence (or significant lack thereof.)