Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I get discouraged about all this sometimes. I get discouraged and I don't want to do anything; I don't even want to THINK about any of this. After Obama was elected, I stopped paying attention for a long time because I couldn't believe that so many people could be taken in by someone like him. A man with no experience, ranked the most liberal US Senator, someone who's never run anything, never accomplished a single thing--and now he's the most powerful man in the world. It scared me.

The whole health care evil, though--that changed things for me. It was worse, in a way, than Obama being elected. Because--even though I don't understand why--he WAS elected. This thing, though--shoved through the way it was, too fast, too big, too partisan. Against the will of the people. It scared me that Democrats would be so brazen, so sure they could get away with it.

I've never been one for conspiracy theories. No one in Washington can keep a secret, for one thing--and no one can coordinate anything well enough to get a really good conspiracy off the ground. So when folks spout their worst-case, doomsday scenarios, I'm likely to shut down and stop listening to them. When this bill passed, though--the way it passed--I wondered what else they'd do, what else they would force on us in secret, in the dark of night. It scared me.

People are busy and politics, for many, is a boring thing. People yelling at one another--why can't we all just get along? So we go into the voting booth and pull a lever, punch a chad, color in a circle for the guy we think, hope, will do the best job. Or the least harm. The problem is that it's easier to write a sound bite if you're a lefty: "Free health care for all!" The rebuttal isn't a sound bite, it won't fit on a sign--it takes explaining and folks don't have the stomach, the patience, the will for it. That scares me.

But even though I'm scared, I'm not going to quit. Even though I'm scared, there's another emotion working. I'm angry. I'm angry about being called racist or homophobic, angry about being labeled an extremist. I know what I am and won't let the left's labels slow me down. This is all so important. Even if I didn't care about how it will all affect me (and to be honest, I don't much care), I do care about my son and about the children he's determined to bring into this world.

I learned a long time ago that I'm a coward when it comes to doing things for myself, but I can be very brave when I'm doing something for someone I love. So I'm not going to back down and when I get tired I'll just take a nap and awake refreshed and ready for another fight. I hope you'll join me and together we can encourage one another. Together we can change the world.

More later...

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