Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are You My Hero?

The kids of Comedy Central had an episode of South Park parodying Islam, already in the can but were forced to heavily censor the entire episode so that not one mention of Islam remained. I am not a regular watcher of South Park but I have seen enough that it is no holds barred political incorrectness. They lambaste Christianity, blacks, white men and sheep. Nothing is taboo. Until now anyway.

So which agency censored Comedy Central? Well, no agency did. A terrorist group calling themselves "Revolution Muslim" issued a loosely veiled death threat against the authors of the program and they caved. They gave in to a group no one had ever heard of because those issuing the threat are Muslim. It strongly appears that's all it takes to make a television network submit to you. The Muslims have successfully built themselves a reputation that is so intimidating, that all they have to do is say, "maybe this bad fate will befall you too", and the world submits to them, elevates them to a superior status. Untouchable.

Even though it made no mention of Mohammed, Comedy Central also cancelled a speech about intimidation and fear. I guess they didn't want to upset anyone that makes their living based on intimidation and fear. Am I the only one that sees a serious problem here?

This is a religion that in the name of Allah (God), killed hundreds of people because of their association with satirical cartoon drawings. This is the religion that put a million dollar price on the head of Salman Rushdie because he wrote a book that offended them. This intimidation into submission is their modus operandi.

We are going to need some heroes, people. Our press is petrified of insulting them. Our networks are petrified of upsetting them in any way. They will kill over a cartoon or a book. The President of the United States, either through fear of the Muslims, or in collaboration with them, has deleted any reference in the National Security Strategy of "Islamic extremism" or any other wording that might link terrorism with Islam or Islamism, despite their clearly violent ideology.

That is scary. That the ones responsible for feeding information to the public, that those responsible for making policy in the United States, that the one responsible for leading this great nation, are either afraid of or collaborating with those who have sworn to kill us. As a result, these terrorists are controlling the speech and actions of those we are supposed to trust to keep us informed, to keep us safe.


  1. I think that if the government pursues it's policy of inaction and/or returns to the terrorism policy of the Clinton years (i.e., ignore the global terrorist organizations and treat every attack as an isolated incident) that we may, at some point, see retaliatory terrorism.

    Tancredo had the right position here--hold the holy cites hostage.

  2. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a beautiful and brave woman who has had to change her life in countless ways due to the threat of violence. She, along with Theo Van Gogh, made a movie called "Submission" that criticized Islam's treatment of women. Van Gogh was murdered for making the film.

    Here is her wise and worthy opinion on the South Park issue:

  3. This is a religion that in the name of Allah (God), killed hundreds of people because of their association with satirical cartoon drawings. This is the religion that put a million dollar price on the head of Salman Rushdie because he wrote a book that offended them. This intimidation into submission is their modus operandi.

    The religion in and of itself is just as peaceful and beautiful as Christianity. The religion didn't kill anyone, a few extremists did. Big difference.

  4. So...all those passages in the Koran about killing infidels are just poetic license?

    This comment may be the most offensive thing I've ever read on this blog.

  5. Molly, I dare you to go up to someone who lost a loved one on 9-11 and say that. Do you have the stones for that? Or is the relative facelessness of internet interaction what encourages you to put out such tasteless diatribe?

    There is not one school of Islamic teaching that has condemned Bin Laden. Not one.

    And I don't know from where you get your information about Islam. And I certainly don't claim to be an expert in it to trump your. But I do claim that you know FAR less about it than those "extremists" who dedicate every aspect of their lives to the study and practice of the Koran.

    To say Islam is a peaceful religion because it, as an intangible idea, hasn't physically murdered someone is asininity of the highest caliber. If (again, because of the intangible nature of beliefs) it has done nothing violent, but it's followers have, then neither has it done anything peaceful. If you must make a separation between the "belief" (existing in Plato's Heaven perhaps. Google it.) and what the followers do, then still saying it is non-violent is like saying smoking doesn't kill, cancer does.

    While there were horrible things done in the name of Christianity in the past, this is not presently the case, nor does it negate or excuse the current evils of Islamic violence--which is so wide spread I question weather you have any inkling about the subject matter of this conversation. Further, we saw that once literacy spread and the Bible was able to be read by the masses, they quickly refused to tolerate the blatant evils the Church was engaged in. Today, children as young as 10 can recite the Koran from memory. If verses were not in there advocating violence, the "extremists" would know.

  6. I know Molly and I sincerely doubt she meant offense. I am sure there are beautiful aspects of Islam, however, I suspect that someone has told Molly that Islam is a peaceful religion except for a few extremists, so that was what was repeated.

    Molly, you are way smart and to be editor of a newspaper you certainly know to check facts before repeating them. Even if something comes from a trusted source, you should still do the checking yourself.

    In this case, I agree with Sharon. The Koran IS full of references to killing infidels. That means you and me and anyone else not a follower of Islam.

    Because some are bad Muslims and don't kill you, doesn't make it a peaceful religion. Read the link Sharon posted above where Ayaan Hirsi Ali (a Muslim) tells her story.

    Remember, I used to be ultra-liberal too. *wink*

  7. Ward, it matters not whether Molly intended to be offensive (although I'm not as certain as you are that she didn't mean to be).

    Christianity is truth. It is the way to life, the way to peace, the way to eternity. Every other way leads to death. Every other way is a lie. To say that any religion "is just as peaceful and beautiful as Christianity" is to endorse that lie, is to claim that death is as good as life.

    That Jesus Christ died for sinners is the essence of Christianity. Nothing compares with that. Nothing.

    But then to trot out the claptrap about Islam being peaceful and beautiful is almost too much to bear. This is the religion of those who wish to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, the religion that promotes suicide bombing, the religion that hides its headquarters in schools and mosques, that oppresses I have to go on?

  8. Nope. I got so engrossed in the political aspect and the fact that I knew she was mistaken that I had no focus on the more important issue, that of eternal life. Sigh.