Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The American Dream And Morons

OK, time for the libs to close their ears because I'm about to talk about an inconvenient truth that they don't want to know. We live in a Capitalist country. Yep. We make money by working hard. If we work hard and we work smart, then we have the ability to create wealth. When I was growing up, we called that the American Dream. When I was a boy, I learned that basic principal and I have applied it all my life. I also still firmly believe that anyone can apply this principal, including minorities and immigrants.

I see minority businesses open all the time. Often, they speak English poorly at first but it usually improves. No one told them that they couldn't do it, that they would have to live in squalor and keep their hand out for a tiny government check every month. No, I believe they were taught the same thing I was; that America is the land of opportunity and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

The libs seem to think that the rich in this country, most of whom are first generation rich (meaning they worked their butts off and did without things and made sacrifices to get where they are) live this life of leisure, cruising around in their private jets sipping champagne. Nerts. The libs are simply wrong. The rich are rich because they work hard. The more money a person has, generally, the harder they work. Of course there will be exceptions like the moronic bimbette Paris Sheraton (I won't use real names because her lawyers can beat up my lawyers). I am not talking about them. I am talking about the first generation, the vast majority of millionaires, the ones driving Ford pickup trucks, living in your town.

And hey, stupid. There is no such thing in America as the rich getting richer causing the poor to get poorer. When the rich get richer, the poor get richer too. The "rich" are creating jobs for you, as a result they are paying for your housing, your food, your car payment. When you buy something, you gain the thing and the company gains a profit. You both win. If you didn't, you wouldn't have done it.

When a lawyer goes to court, one side will win and one side will lose. That's how court works. That is the mentality a lawyer has every day. Guess what profession flocks to politics? Yup. Lawyers. So they take with them their bias that for every winner there is a loser. That bias is in direct conflict with the reality of capitalism, the reality that capitalism results in win/win situations. If it is not an acceptable deal for both parties, no transaction occurs. No one has ever forced you to buy anything. Errr. Until now. The win/lose mentality that lawyers (politicians) have is where much of the socialist thought originates. They simply do not have a working understanding of capitalism. These particular trained monkeys are trained to think differently than most American capitalists. By the way, I LOVE several lawyers. My sister, my friends, lawyers a-plenty. If you think the point of this is to vilify lawyers, you need to reread this.

Next time you hear someone talking about the "obscene profits" that this company or that, made, look at them and call them a moron. OK, well, that wouldn't be nice, so don't do that. It's OK to smile and think it, though. The point of capitalism is profit. The more profit that exists, the more money the poor has.

I'll leave you with a final thought from Michael Medved.
"Poor people in America today, people who are officially in poverty, have a higher standard of living in terms of medical standards, in terms of the chances of going to college, in terms of the way people live, than middle-class people did 30 years ago. It's an extraordinary achievement of technology and of the profit sector."


  1. Capitalism is the natural economic arrangement for a Christian mind-set.

    Not reiterating my Pastor's last sermon (which was on this very topic), the fundamental explanation for this is that the only way to be successful in a free-market economy is to find the best way of serving your fellow man. It is only be doing so that you can attract customers or investors.

    No business has ever remained afloat (without government intervention) by ignoring the demands/wants/needs of its customer base. It is only by serving these needs that businesses thrive.

    And on the Rich vs. Poor argument--a company with inferior employees will suffer (all other things held equal) as it's competition makes use of better qualified/smarter/harder working employees. So the "evil" business owner can once again only be successful by attracting the best employees which requires he serve their needs better than the other employers competing for these same employees.