Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A new blog.  Humor by Ward.  Rants by Ward and Sharon.  For right-thinking folks in flyover country--you know, people who are labeled by the mainstream media as racist, bigoted, lunatic fringe.  Funny, that--we thought we were patriotic Americans who love God first, followed by America, family, friends (the order varies depending on the day of the week).  We didn't know that opposing the health care monstrosity was racist until the left told us so.  We just thought the country ought to be able to pay for the things it buys.  We thought the Constitution meant something.  We thought what voters want mattered.

Boy, were we wrong.

We hope you'll come around often.  Leave comments (but we'll delete 'em if they're vulgar or cross a line--and we'll know that line when we see it).  Tell your friends about us.  And--this is most important--pray for this country, learn about what's happening, support candidates who share your values, vote for the conservatives this fall.


  1. Nice start for a worthwhile effort.
    Linden Swift

  2. I'm so glad you two decided to make this happen! Now I don't have to lurk your FB for good info. :)
    Sharon (a different one)