Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Medical Device Tax

So a tax on medical devices, huh? That's brilliant. Of course what that really means is that when you and your family are at their lowest, when you need a pacemaker or a defibrillator installed, that's when Obamacare steps up and grabs your wallet, like a thief in the night.A $30,000 device will now cost between $30,600 and $31,200.

Maybe that is incentive enough for you to go with the cheaper brand with only minor rust problems. They almost always work and look at all the money you save! Talk about hitting a guy when he's down. What is sleazier than robbing a man when he is most vulnerable? Perhaps coercing him to buy an inferior product that could very well cause his death? Yep. That is sleazier. The more of this bill that comes to light, the more I understand this President of Death and Destruction.

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